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A recent venture into political cartoons.

Male. Birth nation England. London 1963.

Göbeklitepe; just a bunch of old T-shaped stones or a game changer? Why might Göbeklitepe be important?

I have contributed to Tap Blog for a few years. Around Xmas 2017 Tap urged me to produce political cartoons and so I did:


Horrid things: The Tavistock Institute and the €U promote and represent the removal of organic diversity to be replaced by an artificially induced homogeneous society.

I backed UKIP during the UK’s €U elections, voted Brexit, backed Trump at 5-1 and Corbyn at 25-1. Corbyn did not win, but he has proved to be more successful and longer lasting than many predicted. I backed Corbyn because he has a history of being €uro-sceptic, his professional weather forecaster brother Piers knows anthropological climate change is a scam and Corbyn appears to be a non-interventionist peace maker. Unfortunately, he is also surrounded by Marxist Momentum. Trump is surrounded by Zionist Neo-Cons and infrastructure that thrives upon war.  I did ponder a President Trump & Prime Minister Corbyn. Peaceful deals in the making? Perhaps that’s ridiculous naive optimism.

I now back The Brexit Party, but in reality my 2016 referendum vote was worthless.

We will see…