The Exceptional BBC Bimbo Baddiel

It’s one rule for David Baddiel and another for Ned Pamphilon.

I use the term bimbo as derogatory ammunition, yet I always thought it a gentle word. Models such as Samantha Fox used to be called bimbo. Blonde attractive girls would be assumed to be less than academically Einstein-like. At school boys might use bimbo as a ‘girlie’ put down to one of their mates; you poof, you tart, you bimbo. I refer to both men and women as bimbos whether Brian Cox or Caroline Lucus or Emily Maitlis. When Twitter blocked my account, I was surprised since I’ve seen and heard far worse from others. David Baddiel can refer to Brexit Party MEP’s as cunts, yet is apparently not blocked. At least I have enough savvy to use khunt, an anthropological term for a Himalayan tribe and, therefore, a playful play on phonetics, at least to my mind.

Offense is surely in the eye and ear of the beholder. We choose to be offended or not. Sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones, but words will never…. constitute ‘hateful content’. Well, not if you are David Baddiel and type cunt, but Ned typing bimbo is.

Now David the atheist Jew is to make a BBC TV Factual programme for us in order the BBC can continue to address fake news and false history. Dare I ask what an atheist Jew is? Can I be an atheist Christian? Is Jewish a race of people? Are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists…. races of people too? Am I risking anti-Semolinaism just asking? Yes, semolina. It appeals to my sense of fun, though no doubt others will deem it hateful content.

David’s particular fascination is Holocaust Denial with capital H and D. Denial is a useful word. Climate change denier is a recent one to challenge anyone not adhering to David Attenborough’s carbon cult of fear mongers. Even Paul McCartney has waded in; I heard him in recent months on BBC R4 Today equate climate change deniers with holocaust deniers. Note, the use or not of a capital H for the exceptional case of mass murder in history. Dare I ask about the Morganthau Plan ( ) and the mass rape and murder of Germans or the open air camps that contained thousands of German soldiers or the destruction of Dresden or the mass murder committed by the Bolsheviks throughout ‘white’ Russia or unleashed throughout Japan or….. why is one case more exceptional than others?

Ersnt Zundel was incarcerated for holocaust denial. It baffles me why anyone is imprisoned for denying any part of history and there’s a list of them from David Irving to Robert Faurisson. If some one wanted to deny WWII, would we incarcerate them? If some one wanted to deny the London Blitz, so what? Why would I care? I certainly wouldn’t insist upon their arrest and incarceration. I thought we beat Hitler to be free to tolerate the unpalatable ideas of others. This is Ernst Zundel on Jim Rizoli’s Bitchute channel:
I doubt it will stay there too long because Jim Rizoli is frequently censored for being a holy cause denier. Holy. Cause. Funny? I guess it depends upon your sense of humour.

I apparently have the option to delete my Tweet and re-enter the Twitter fray, but I stand by my Tweet. Anyway, I only had about 330 Twitter followers. What does it matter that I’m no longer involved there? What do I care? I actually like my ‘Remove Tweet’ notice. It’s an artwork to be printed out and displayed. I intend to use it as and when the occasion arises.

David Baddiel is the type of BBC comedian who appears on Desert Island Discs and is apparently a darling of BBC luvvy-land. He is allowed to type cunt while I am not allowed to type bimbo. Unless it was Clueless that was the hateful content?

The BBC are unfit for purpose. They are pro-€U, pro-anthropogenic climate change, pro-gender identity determination, pro-vaccination, pro-race identity determination, pro-war in e.g. Syria, anti-Brexit, anti-Trump…. at some point they will be held to account, but until then the like of David Baddiel get to present their versions of the truth.

The UK Column News cover the Baddiel case here:

These are screen shots from the show…


David’s intelligent and a chap of integrity. Abigail says so!


Milkshaken, Not Stirred

He has been so vilified by hateful accusers for over two decades that he employs bodyguards to walk the streets of the UK. This is on top of a serious car accident, cancer in his early 20’s and a plane crash. The recent throwing of something pertaining to dairy product, semi-bloody-skimmed low to no fat no doubt, must have given far greater cause for concern than even the delightful, the delectable, the de-lovely comedienne, or should that be gender neutral comedian or comedic or whatever…. Jo Brand might dare imagine. It bemuses how the likes of Brand, Lucus, Soubrey, Lammy, Khan… persist in accusing others of prejudice and hate while they have long been the source of so much prejudice, disdain and divisive rhetoric. Farage has survived a severe car accident, cancer and a plane crash. Yes, no doubt Farage was momentarily milkshaken, but not stirred and remains resolute in his goal of seeing the UK withdraw itself from the €U corporate racket.

Milkshaken, Not Stirred
Brexit 007
152.4cm x 91.4cm

Brexit? “Send in Farage,” said Trump. I imagined the horror on faces of Remoaners up and down the land. I laughed; Trump the Twitter maestro triggers yet more Trump derangement syndrome:

Isn’t Farage an obvious choice for our €U negotiations? He has been dealing with this €U entity for 20 years. He is Brexit. To ignore him is to ignore Brexit. Unfortunately, parliament consists of spineless yes-men such as my MP Matt Handycock.

It has become so absurd, we now have spokespersons from MI6 voicing concerns about Brexit and neutrality within the civil service appears to have gone AWOL. If the BBC were to feature David Barnby’s book The €U: A Corporate Racket, the public might have a much deeper understanding of the shenanigans that went on to suck us into the €U c.1972…

What other serious character is there fighting for a clean, clear Brexit? There is Robin Tilbrook and the English Democrats, but he does not have the backing as did the purveyor of non-democracy Gina Miller who pretends she is fighting for democracy while she in reality challenges it. UKIP appear a spent force. Farage had to leave them because Farage has to control and steer his ship; not become embroiled in committee meetings and group consensus. Farage realised he had to let go of the old image and accompanying baggage. I suspect he was exhausted, physically and emotionally, following the referendum; a culmination of 25 years of concerted effort. I suspect he would rather go fishing than be Prime Minister.

I am an advocate of the UK Column News who, sadly, accurately predicted the obfuscation of Brexit 24 June 2016:
However, Brian Gerrish at UK Column suspects Farage is a dangerous man. What, more dangerous than Blair, Cameron, Obama or Clinton? More dangerous than the €U? More dangerous than the deranged Green Party who want to implement their Green New Deal of totalitarian globalist ethics upon us all?

The UK Column News have offered up some superb analysis and comment including the Integrity Initiative programme:
UK Column News have warned about Blair and plans for a new centrist party. Is it Farage, rather than Blair, set to lead a new centrist party? Surely, we cannot go on with this left-right right-left paradigm ad infinitum. I am attracted to the idea of Claire Fox on the same platform as Anne Widdecombe. I sense The Brexit Party at least have a sense of humour, sadly lacking from the rest, perhaps with the exception of Boris….

I sense The Brexit Party might seriously challenge the state organ that is the BBC; the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation; ‘another beauty’ as Trump eloquently put it to the BBC’s Washington correspondent John Soapytail.

It was funny the night of the last €U elections when Sir Ed Davey complained on BBC R4 and Five Live that the BBC were not reporting the big story: that by adding all the ‘Remain’ party votes together it defeated The Brexit Party. Farage, Trump and Corbyn all have ample reason to complain about the BBC, yet pro-climate change pro-€U Ed Davey gets his kickers in a twist because for once the pro-climate change pro-€U BBC would not report his version of life unfolding.

David Scott of Northern Approaches on UK Column News Extra declared how he loved Brexit because it was revealing so much that is rotten; that today Elton John and David Lammy MP are the front line charge leading the anti-Brexit campaign. Indeed, Elton John is not only upset with Brexit, but lambastes Russia for not including gay sex scenes in the new Rocketman bio-pic. Yep, that’s right Elton, Russia will not respect the anus as a sex organ nor consent to your globo-homo world view. I’m paraphrasing E. Michael Jones and, therefore, not only risking allegations of homophobia, but anti-Semolina too.  Oh the world of -ists, -isms and phobias; I dream that Brexit might kick this current cultural Marxist mind-set infestation into touch. A return to something resembling common sense? Please!

Antifa, the left, Extinction Rebellion, Caroline Green Mucus Lucus, Anna Sourbuttrey, Chuka-Upah Oomoonoo et al persistently throw prejudice comment at Trump and Brexit, yet it is the so called ‘right’ which is labelled extremist. The pro-€U argument has been reduced to throwing milkshake. Imagine if a Brexiteer had thrown milkshake over Chuka or Anna or Caroline; all hell would have broken loose and fingers of moral justice would be pointed at the extreme Brexiteers. But, throw milkshake over Farage and commentators will joke, ‘pity it wasn’t acid’. The mind boggles.

When will William Happer be invited to Brian Cox’s BBC science programme to school him on carbon footprint? When will Jeremy Corbyn announce Piers is his weather forecaster climate sceptic brother? When will the BBC contemplate the recently released photo-copies of ‘Dancing People’ from 9/11.  I type ‘People’ in case of anti-People accusation by God’s Chosen Lunatic lobby. En plus, Corbyn may be a socialist nee Marxist, but the accusations of him being racist are ridiculous; he is the Mr. Hippy Happy of Westminster and inconveniently sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians. The recent racist accusations against him are ridiculous and obviously helped along by The Lobby, which apparently never actually aired on Al Jazeera because the lobby prevented it…

On the 29 March we were supposed to leave the €U. I suspect legally we did, but there is no consensus to recognise it. 29 March also saw local elections in Turkey. Those too were run again because the result was not acceptable to the government. I have been painting Turkish themes for 25 years, the same length of time Tayyip Erdoğan (air-dough-an) has been İstanbul Mayor, Turkish Prime Minister and then President. I painted Bandırma 1919-2019 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of 19 May 1919 and the ‘first step’ of Turkey’s war of independence. A phrase from that time by Kemal Mustafa Atatürk states:
Bağımsızlık Benim Karakterimdirm
Independence Forms My Character

How appropriate a sentiment for me, Brexit, the US and indeed many countries in these trying times as a global ideology challenges the nation state model.

Bandırma 19 May 1919-2019
91.4cm x 122cm

If milkshake is the best argument against Brexit, Farage is going to win, eventually. Will he ever mention €U military unification agreements since 1948 or the Cuddenhove-Kalergi plan? May be he sees the end goal and focuses only on necessary priority. Once Brexit is set and accepted in the national psyche, then perhaps these issues can be better addressed.

For now, we have to implement the referendum result or democracy is yesterday’s best system devised by the wit of man except for all the others.

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Weaponised Weather? Climate Control!

Bloke In A Field
…. weaponised weather?
Social credit creep.


Introduction to Technocracy – 1933

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Between Two Ages pdf

Vaccines are a genocidal programme.

Unschooling Children:

Dr. Andrew Moulden:

Dr Andrew Moulden MD PhD

Vaccines, Autism and the Solution, Dr Andrew Moulden:

Fear documents!
Climate change is weather warfare

Stimulate curiosity.
2-3% of people can make a difference

Prelude the AV10 Conference



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Inhale Exhale : Plant Food

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…. Dead Duck May and Corbyn lost his bottle. Lib-Dems & Greens given false sense of victory. Ian predicts Brexit Party will clean up at €U elections 23 May.
Spoilt papers: Brexit Means Brexit
Anthropogenic climate change is a political construct… a new enemy to unite?
Corporate Climate?!




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5G Security Risk? 5G Health Risk!

5G Security Risk? 5G Health Risk!

The Brexit Party Rally Peterborough 07 May

As we approached the King’s Gate Conference Centre, BBC R4 were airing Lord Andrew Adonis yet again. Tired, same old same old, pretense to democracy yet not.

We were an hour early and plenty of cars were already parking. The atmosphere was so friendly. I sensed you could say ‘Brexit’ and even ‘Trump’ without triggering name calling and victim mode from those willing to be upset at the drop of a politically incorrect suggestion. The queue was already gathering. Wealthy to low income attendees, young twenty-somethings to older with walking sticks, but everyone happy to be next to each other.

Fresh. Clear. Positive. Optimistic. Friendly crowd of traditional political left and right.

The BBC are loathed!

Chairman Richard Tice comperes and introduces Brexit Party MEP candidates to the stage. They speak for 5-10 mins and the next is invited to the stage.

Surely, party politics is nearing an end. We are entering a time of independents? I am very wary when ever I see ‘Change’ slogans and The Brexit Party are a party and a slogan:
‘Change Politics For Good.’ ?
Yeah, sure! I was in Kuala Lumpur and delighted when Tony Bliar was elected to power 1997. How I was fooled.

But, I liked it last night at Peterborough. The atmosphere was of a fresh energy. Whether you engage or not, we have a representational model of politics. You have a choice to engage or not. The model is hardly perfect, but what to do? Dream on for ever and a day about a utopian ideal?

The candidates were…….
Paul Hearn, older businessman who had voted Remain.

June Mummery of East Anglian Fisheries

Tim Martin JD Wetherspoons CEO, not a candidate, but present to give celebrity voice and support… he mentioned, “… the €U has 5 unelected presidents… more spin than Shane Warne… get rid of the people in parliament.”

Michael Heaver, twenty-something: “Can you feel it?”. Yes, indeed, we could.
Perhaps, other than the main attraction himself, the star of the show, Anne Widdecombe, referred to, “…. patronising nincompoops in Westminster.”
Anne Widdecombe was having a blast! She looked slim, energised and it was pantomime. It was fun! She said if we don’t leave the €U, then the MP’s will leave Westminster. The Brexit Party are here to run for parliament. The last 3 years are not in vain. The obfuscation by Westminster has galvanised energy, resolution, determination and stuff is going to happen.

Shaun Leaver, businessman and 30 year Conservative campaigner.
Edmund Fordham, an academic, physics I believe and a traditional Tony Bennite Labour man. I suspect this was his first ever public speaking experience, like this at least. He sat comfortably on stage with Anne Widdecombe.

…. and last, but by no means least, Nigel Farage,”It’s not about left or right, it’s about right or wrong.”
Poignant for me, Farage told how the €U leaders are condemning President Tayyip Erdoğan (air-dough-an) and Turkey for running local elections again because they question the result. How ironic! Ring any Brexit bells?

This man is set to be PM. Who else? I do not think he even wants it. I suspect Farage would be very happy fishing, socialising with friends and family and spending his time leisurely. He feels he has no choice. Who else has the experience of the political €U as this man? He can negotiate our exit, cleanly, clearly and successfully.

I already hear my chums at the going, hmmmmmm…. they have talked of a new centrist party for some time now. They have suspected Tony Bliar fronting a new party. No, it is Nigel Farage. Will he succeed? Will he disappoint? All I know is there is no intention to leave the €U by the Westminster establishment and Farage is a chance, just as Trump was a chance and certainly a better option than Clinton.

On the way home Liverpool incredibly beat Barcelona 4-0. I’m a Gooner, yet still enjoyed the drama. Also, the BBC R4 ran a dour piece on UKIP compared to The Brexit Party and reported how Jess Phillips has been reduced to tears in the street by UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad’s 3 year old Tweet joke about NOT raping her….. zzzzzzz.
Context people, context. The same old same being offended by thought and words and constant virtue signalling is not going to realise a thriving Brexit UK. You continue to choose being a victim Jess. I intend to vote for The Brexit Party. What else? Who else? Sure, the English Democrats may secure a legal ruling ob Brexit, but the reality on the ground demands real world action. Move aside May, Corbyn, Cable and Caroline Green Mucus Lucus. Farage is back.

I have offered myself to them to be The Brexit Party artist. I suspect it unlikely. My sketches here are dodgy, but perhaps give a sense of being.
My track record on views about Palestine, Israel, Syria, Libya, health, GcMAF, vaccines, Melanie Shaw and child violation and any number of other subjects would probably be unsuitable, but I have offered.

As we drove along the East Anglian roads, the countryside was green, lush, wonderful and peaceful. Let’s get our own house in order, not be caught up in globalist ideals of world order.

The gig…..

Nigel Farage: Towards the Next General Election
Brexit Party press conference 07.05.2019


Greeting Cards By A Brexiteer Artist

Greeting Cards By A Brexiteer Artist

I am offering hand-made greeting cards in the spirit of Brexit; whereby Brexit UK can thrive.

In a nutshell, I am offering a one-off, hand-made greeting card with envelope for £8.50.

This method of production could be applicable for 1, 10, 20, 30, 40+ cards e.g. each one individually produced, featuring an age, a name, a date, an anniversary, an occasion, a reason…. the more the order, the less the price.

Contact e-mail: ned(at)nedpamphilon(dot)uk
It’s typed like that to avoid spam algorithms.


The Back Story

The UK government, supported by the taxpayer funded £3.74 billion BBC, are failing to implement Brexit. What to do? Nigel Farage has initiated The Brexit Party, but what can I do?

Britain is not broken. The BBC and Westminster are broken. Hold fast, be positive and as far as I am concerned it seems we have legally left; but the BBC and Westminster are telling everyone otherwise.

Friday 29 March I hosted a Brexit Party at our local village hall. We were due to leave the €U 11pm that night. My party was mentioned by the UK Column News both before 31 mins 25 secs in…

Officially we still haven’t, though legally I suggest we did.
English Democrats:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has left the European Union as of the 29th March 2019 after the expiry of its two year Notice to Leave dated 29th March 2017.

I had sent out cards and letters to local MP’s and media. BBC Suffolk radio contacted me. I spoke to Mark Murphy BBC Radio Suffolk Friday 29 March 9.30am. He seemed to get a tad upset because I accused the BBC of bias… the BBC is agenda driven and bias toward the €U political club. Full stop, end of story. The BBC links will no longer work, but the interview was here:
2 hours 25 mins in….
Some one uploaded the interview to Bitchute:

On the night, Andrew Sinclair of BBC Look East attended with a cameraman in tow. The following Saturday morning I was having my coffee and suddenly a familiar voice came out of the radio. Mine!
“If Trump had been negotiating, Brexit would have been done and dusted in months. Never the less, the Brexit genie is out of the bottle.”

BBC R4 Today presstitute Nick ‘Dick Dobbyson’ Robinson painted a pessimistic view and because Theresa May had postponed Brexit again, he suggested we were forced to hold a wake… well, as Mandy Rice-Davies might have said, he would say that, wouldn’t he! For the record BBC Look East Andrew Sinclair was charming and up-beat. We had a party! The attendance was I think only 23, but those who came enjoyed it very much.
For the record, BBC R4 Today 50 mins in….

BBC Look East broadcast footage Sunday 31 March:
The BBC links will cease from functioning after 30 days, but I am chronicling them here for the record.
The UK Column mentioned it right at beginning of this show:

Shortly after 29 March I had a phone call with a local East Anglian businessman. Though very successful, he expressed how totally fed up he is with the government not implementing Brexit and how he was at a loss as to what to do. It gave me food for thought. So, what to do? This particular businessman talks about seeing and taking opportunities in life.

The conversation inspired me to seek opportunity. There appears to be a community of Brexit voters not getting a fair hearing on the BBC or being properly represented by Westminster. I have produced hand-made greeting cards for decades; just for fun; for my own convenience; because I can. It saved me finding, choosing, buying greeting cards for birthdays; Xmas, for any occasion. It became a habit. Now is the time to make business from my cards; whether a one-off or a mass produced design.

A new entrepreneurial Brexit inspired business venture is doing something. If you deem Brexit as something terrible associated with isolationism, xenophobia, racism, sexism, neo-this, neo-that; if like the BBC your knickers become twisted with every Trump Tweet; if you are a committed Remainer, it is your prerogative to dismiss this venture. I will not take offence. For those who sympathise, my new venture is in the spirit of a can do, optimistic approach, whereby Brexit UK can thrive.

As of now, I am exploring the possibilities of a business for hand-made, personalised cards and mass-produced cards by a self-declared Brexit artist, accessing the pro-Brexit, even pro-Trump market. Where Obama and Clinton invaded Libya and murdered the head of state without trial or jury, at least Trump attempts peaceful relations e.g. Korea. I know, I hardly view any leader as perfect and Palestine is a huge issue… but, right now, Brexit is my priority.

Can I use cards to generate new business inspired by Brexit or am I whistling in the wind? I suspect there are millions of people up and down the country left dissatisfied. Greeting cards might be a catalyst to communicate, acknowledge and support the Brexit community.

Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Can art help Brexit? Goodness knows, but it’s doing something rather than nothing. I once asked a much missed friend about the importance of art…

“Tell those who doubt the value of the Waveney Springs Art Collective, that I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is.
All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010

I decided upon £8.50 because it’s not worth doing a one-off card for £5 and £10 is probably too much and…. I’m giving it a go. We’ll see what happens.

If you feel the inclination to help push my cards to the like-mined, please do. Brexit must be realised. With clear leadership, Brexit UK can thrive.

If you meet or hear of anyone who needs a card for birthday, any day, any reason…. have me in mind.

I am offering a one-off, hand-made greeting card with envelope for £8.50. This method of production could be applicable for 1, 10, 20, 30, 40+ cards e.g. each one individually produced, featuring an age, a name, a date, an anniversary, an occasion, a reason…. the more the order, the less the price.

I can provide for a company wishing to acknowledge a meeting, a deal, a reason that might involve 10, 20, 30, 40+ individuals. The unit cost can be reduced to e.g. 20 cards for £60 depending on wording and time.

The front message wording of a hand-made card must be simple.

A more complicated artwork can be created for a mass production run.

With each and every card, know the artist, the producer, is an advocate of Brexit. We now have UKIP and The Brexit Party who, at this stage seem to lead the polls. Either way, I want a clean Brexit.

Yep, a politically minded greeting card producer. I trust I might attract like-minded clients. In West Suffolk, all 7 districts voted Leave, yet MP’s fear monger about falling over cliff edges. I aim to make business symbolising what Brexit can be rather than the anti-Brexit doom and gloom.

Much of my art activity has involved Turkey for over 20 years, hence:
Indeed, an alleged isolationist Brexiteer has a foreign, Muslim, Turkish business partner….

Bağımsızlık Benim Karakterimdir

Independence Forms My Character

The Brexit Party Rally Peterborough 07 May

Discussing 5G With Ian R. Crane

5G, is it safe? by Ian R Crane

As Ian says, when asked about 5G, Health Minister and my MP Matt Hancock answers as if reading a script from Yes Minister! He is a classic example of a mouth piece offering up statements without commitment; indeed, it is his specialty.

“A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public health. ”
Matt Penis Head Handycock 16 October 2018

This quote is from 30 mins 30 secs in….
5G is the latest evolution of mobile communications technologies and currently in its development stages. 5G is likely to be deployed as part of a patchwork of technologies, including those already in use, such as advanced LTE (4G), Wi-Fi, as well as 5G new radio – forming a ‘network of networks’ of a heterogeneous nature.

The Department has had a number of open consultations, and calls for evidence over the past year, for the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review, as well as relating to the 5G Programme. Across these, and with departmental correspondence, we have received 34 representations on the potential health risks of 5G technology.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public health. As 5G continues to develop, the Government is committed to working with Public Health England’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE) in order to monitor available evidence and will take action if necessary.

Another link to Matt Handycock….

5G is the latest evolution of mobile communications technologies and currently in its development stages. 5G is likely to be deployed as part of a patchwork of technologies, including those already in use, such as advanced LTE (4G), Wi-Fi, as well as 5G new radio – forming a ‘network of networks’ of a heterogeneous nature.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public health.

The Government expects that existing UK technical standards will be adhered to throughout the development and deployment of 5G products and networks. These standards draw on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, which takes into account the well-researched effects of radio waves.

As 5G continues to develop, the Government is committed to working with Public Health England’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE) in order to monitor available evidence and will take action if necessary.

EE Selects 16 UK Cities for 5G Launch: Deployment “Far from Straightforward”

EE Selects 16 UK Cities for 5G Launch: Deployment “Far from Straightforward”

EE to roll out 5G in 16 cities next year in ‘demand-led’ strategy

41 mins…
“They need a 5G transmitter-receiver every 300m right across the country…” ?!?!

44 mins 30 secs…
“… foliage, trees, hanging baskets can affect how the signal transmitted…”

52 mins….
Technocracy Inc. 1932

59 mins….
It is advised pregnant women do not travel in an electric vehicle.

110 mins….
Sheffield 10% trees culled 3,529
Newcastle 8,414 trees culled
Edinburgh 4,485 trees culled

114 mins….
Trees must be 3m less than base station height…

3.1 Mast height at tree level as a limiting factor on reach and reliability
New ways for local planning authorities to work with mobile network operators offers huge future opportunities for local communities to benefit from a leap forward in rural coverage. In the past the priority for planning authorities has been to reduce mobile mast heights so that masts are visually screened by buildings and/or trees – with trees being the highest and more likely obstruction. However this also screens the RF signals and has defeated the objective of reliable coverage as illustrated in figure 3. The curves plotted in the diagram show how increasing the tree height above the line of sight from the base station and further into what is known as the “Fresnel zone” of the propagation channel will cause substantial diffraction or shadowing loss. To avoid this shadowing loss and be outside of the Fresnel zone, it is necessary for the tree height to be at least 3m less than the base station height.

117 mins….
5G electro-magnetic frequency a potential risk to cattle livestock