Hiding Behind The Semolina

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

We have left, but Westminster is ignoring the law
More indicative votes?
Corbyn buckles….
Semolina shuts down meaningful debate
Gove or Bliar? What a choice. The Conservative Party of Israel?
Dominic Grieving supported by George on all fours Osbourne




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Karma Is A Real Bitch

Karma Is A Real Bitch

Karma Is A Real Bitch

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

UK justice is bullying Lyn Thyer. For what? For contributing toward producing an effective cancer cure.
Unseen pressure.
Alternative practitioners targeted.
MHRA? Karma is a real bitch!

Update On LYN THYER’s Appeal Against EXTRADITION to FRANCE


Corporatist regime pretending to be democratic
For sport ask Remainers how the €U legislative procedure works.
How does that legislature end up as UK law?

Gavin Williamson: Minister for battleships in the bath!

BREXIT Day … Stolen By Incompetent Government?


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5G vs. GcMAF

5G vs. GcMAF

5G vs. GcMAF

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

John Kitson 5G and Smart Meters Bases Christmas Lectures 2018

AV9 – Mark Steele – 5G : The Existential Threat … & The Opportunity!


CALL TO ACTION : London & Newcastle : 10am Thurs 28th Mar 19


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All For You!

All For You!

Racist Remainers

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Mosques In Christchurch. What an oxymoron that is.
223a? Address of 2nd mosque
Is Jacinda Ardern carrying extra baggage?
Remove all video related to New Zealand attack
Gun control
Shut down dissemination of discourse

The intellectually challenged comments again:

This comment shows the level of a Remainer.
Bloody brilliant Brexit!

David Noakes unlikely to be released today

Jim Ratcliffe takes over Team ‘Sky’ so that Team Ineos will sponsor Tour de Yorkshire
Thank you Jim for providing a further opportunity to express unhappiness at Ineos fracking.

Some one in the chat comments:
…. clearly an intellectually challenged commentator
Another racist Remainer?


BREXIT Delayed … Let The CHAOS Commence!


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Human Dumb-Phookery

Human Dumb-Phookery


Human Dumb-Phookery

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern, New Zealand’s 40th and current Prime Minister since 26 October 2017, is following the script: the name that shall not be spoken! No energy or attention there then!

Man made earthquake?

22 March 2019. Stay vigilant.

49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; One Man Charged; Gunman Livestreamed Attack

After Blocking Zero Hedge And Others, NZ Telcos Demand Big-Tech Censorship Surge To “Protect Consumers”

MP launches bill to stop fracking earthquakes: link:
MP launches bill to stop fracking earthquakes


The World Is Nothing More Than An Experiment In Dumb-F*ckery


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Brexit Isn’t Going Away

Brexit Isn’t Going Away

Brexit Isn’t Going Away

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.


Ian just did the Vinny Eastwood Show:

New Zealand government bias against Israel

New Zealand government bias against Israel

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe

Renowned Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe’s groundbreaking book revisits the formation of the State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1949, over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, civilians were massacred and around a million men, women, and children were expelled from their homes at gunpoint.

Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it could only have been called “ethnic cleansing”. Decisively debunking the myth that the Palestinian population left of their own accord in the course of this war, Ilan Pappe offers impressive archival evidence to demonstrate that, from its very inception, a central plank in Israel’s founding ideology was the forcible removal of the indigenous population. Indispensable for anyone interested in the current crisis in the Middle East.

Asymmetrical warfare….

Former German secretary of state Andreas von Bülow, on the 9/11 attacks

France Act 18
Macron media black-out.
The protests are not getting smaller nor going away


Geopolitics Is a Very DIRTY BUSINESS … as the Prime Minister of NZ is now realising!


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Winds Of Opportunity

Winds Of Opportunity

Brexit Marcher John Longworth ex-CBI Educates BBC 5Live Stephen Nolan

Every now and then a golden nugget gets through live on air on the BBC. John Longworth was one such example.

BBC 5 Live Saturday 16 March 2019

50 mins in….

JL: Brexit deal is Remain by any other name… people voted to Leave. Just Leave!
BBC: … how can you say that’s what they voted for? They didn’t know the specifics of how to Leave did they?
JL: … huge amount of anger up and down the country about the way this has been handled. There were 2 questions on the ballot paper. Do you want to Leave? Do you want to Remain? Nobody mentioned a deal. Cameron came back with his ‘only deal to be had, there would be no more deals, the decision of the referendum would be final…’
Parliament voted for Article 50 to be triggered; for the repeal of the €uropean Communities Act and fought on manifestos stating we would leave the €U, the customs union and the single market…. 80% of people voted for the 2 main parties saying that…. now they are reneging on it and betraying the country.
BBC: But, there was no specific deal to explain the terms… and now we see it is a far more complicated situation than what the referendum asked…
JL: That’s complete rubbish. Everyone knew what they were voting for; the ballot paper said Leave.
BBC: It said Leave, but did not explain the circumstances…
JL: The circumstances are very simple: we just Leave!
BBC: How on earth can you say it’s that simple? So, what happens the next day? In this simple world….
JL: In this simple world we revert to WTO, World Trade Organisation rules that most of our trade is conducted under and which most of the world’s trade is conducted under….
BBC: So, what would the tariffs be on food?
JL: The Chancellor has already stated that 87% of the tariffs would be zero, including food, clothing and footwear and flat-screen TV’s and and and…. the tariffs on those products are between 20-40%. That’s the tax the €U forces us to pay on those imported goods. The €U takes that money, not the UK government. So, the cost of living in the UK would reduce substantially, more spending power, more tax receipts, spend more on public services. That’s a simple fact.
BBC: … and the deal Theresa May is trying… you think she’s complicating it for the sake of it?
JL: Theresa May is a Remainer. She has the deal she wanted. She hasn’t had the wool pulled over her eyes. She and Chancellor Hammond want to keep the UK in the customs union. She wants a close and special relationship to keep us close to the €U as possible…. so, we can slip back in at any future stage. The whole is a betrayal. She knew exactşly what she was doing and is still doing it now.
BBC: Tariffs would be maintained under this No Deal situation… for the likes of agriculture.
JL: The Chancellor said the tariffs would be maintained on certain products: automobiles, beef, lamb etc… to protect British farmers those tariffs would be about 20%. The tariffs on those imported goods from around the world are 20% now. My view is thse tariffs should be removed over a period of time. If we remove all the tariffs on imported goods now, the boost to the economy would be so enormous it would damage the economy. The total value of tariffs is 4% GDP; like adding 1/3 to our growth rate every year for 15 years.
BBC: Some imported cars would attract tariffs, wouldn’t they?
JL: If the Chancellor were to do what he says he will do… a 10% tariff would be applied to finished automobiles coming from anywhere in the world including the €U. It would make British manufactured cars more competitive. Ford is based in Cologne, Germany, the head of Jaguar Land Rover is German, Mercedez Benz, BMW are German… they would make disparaging comment. The UK manufacturing would benefit… the Chancellor did not say he would be tariffs on manufacturing components so the UK can import cheaper components from Korea, Japan, the USA…
BBC: National Farmer’s Union President Minette Batters says eggs, cereal, fruit and vegetables wouldn’t be protected by zero tariffs.
JL: Why should consumers pay huge amounts of money to protect land owners on continental €urope?
BBC: You seriously think we should just Leave in a couple of weeks time?
JL: Absolutely.
BBC: Despite the CBI, some of the framing unions… the CBI say it would be like taking a sledgehammer to the economy.

JL: They would say that wouldn’t they?! I was Chairman of the CBI trades panel for 5 years, I was their economic spokesperson, I know how they work. They represent big multi-nationals whose invested interest is to maintain protectionism and charge higher prices. The British consumers are being damaged by that and it would boost the economy as a whole and jobs if we were able to remove those tariffs.

Interview End.

The next caller, a Remainer, at about 1 hour 20 mins referred to the last caller, John Longworth, as childish, polarised….

I listened to this Remainer, who states how he is grown-up, repeat the same old fear rhetoric of the last 2 years.

About 1 hour 30 mins David a lawyer from Poole, comes to air and informs Stephen that there will not be so called disaster or catastrophe 30 March since both sides have contingency plans.

Communication of 19 December 2018 : “Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019: Implementing the Commission’s Contingency Action Plan”

‘Customs and the exports of goods
If the Withdrawal Agreement is not ratified, all relevant EU legislation on imported goods and exported goods will apply as of the withdrawal date. This includes the levying of duties and taxes and the respect of the formalities and controls required by the current legal framework, in order to ensure a level playing field.’

…. Stephen Nolan insists there will be change. David tries again, reading directly from the plan: no change! David explains that neither the UK or €U can afford damage to trade.

BBC: But, it’s not true!
David: Can I send you the link? I^m reading to yuo from the €U’s law and I can read the same from the UK’s law… you’re having so much difficulty in understanding what I’m saying because there’s been so much repeat of catastrophe catastrophe catastrophe disaster. Hilary Benn said he’d had a conversation with a professor on the tube and it will be catastrophe. It’s all anecdotal. Whatever else you have heard, I’m a lawyer reading the written rules.

Again, a caller educated Stephen Nolan.

The Brexit genie is out of the €U bottle and it ain’t going back in.

About John Longworth….
Former British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Director-General John Longworth is to become the new co-chairman of Leave Means Leave, as the pre-eminent campaign group sets out a plan for Britain to become a “beacon of global trade” after quitting the Single Market.

Mr Longworth chose to resign from his BCC post during the EU referendum campaign in order to speak freely in favour of Brexit, despite pressure from Downing Street.

The Leave Means Leave report, ‘Going Global Without Delay’, launched today rejects the so-called Norway and Swiss options for a trade deal with the EU because they are unsatisfactory and such arrangements would not allow the UK to regain control over its borders.

Instead, it urges ministers to attempt to secure a zero tariff free trade deal (similar to the deal Canada is set to sign at the end of October) with the EU once they have set in train the formal process of leaving by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. They should also make it clear at the outset that if no deal was reached with the maximum two years timeframe for negotiations, Britain should go it alone, trading with the EU under World Trade Organisation rules and seeking a Free Trade deal with other nations and blocs.

Mr Longworth joins businessman Richard Tice as Co-Chairman of Leave Means Leave. The campaign group has argued that “no deal is better than a bad deal” as Britain exits the EU and prominent supporters include former ministers Owen Paterson MP, Dominic Raab MP, Sir Gerald Howarth MP, Peter Lilley MP and David Campbell Bannerman MEP.

The report sets out criteria the UK Government should use when securing a deal with the EU which includes negotiating “as near tariff-free free trade as possible”, to ensure that it is for the “UK Parliament to solely decide its laws and trade, migration, agriculture and fisheries policies” and for Article 50 to be triggered “no later than Q1 2017”.

The report considers four principle trade options available to the Government– the Norway Option, the Swiss Option, the Canadian Option and the Global Free Trade Option.

The report found merit in the Canadian Option, “notably that Canada secured an agreement to eliminate 98 per cent of tariffs despite being only the EU’s 12th largest trading partner and with the EU running a small surplus with Canada”. This is very promising for the UK – “the EU’s largest trading partner selling well over £150 bn to the EU, a magnitude around eight times greater than Canada’s trade.”

The benefits of the Canadian Option include saving the £14.8 bn net per annum from the UKs EU membership fee, regaining full control over the UK’s borders and exempting the UK from the European Court of Justice

The major concern with the Canadian Option is the seven years it took to negotiate with the EU who are “notoriously slow”.

To overcome this issue, the report says that “the UK Government should also be very clear with the EU at the outset of negotiations that if a zero tariff deal cannot be struck within 24 months the UK will leave the EU and trade under WTO rules and we will not be bullied, or bounced into arrangements that do not meet the criteria test set out.

At the same time, the report makes the case for the UK to “become a beacon of global free trade, encouraging cross border trade and investment, challenging other nation states, and the EU itself, to follow its example.”

A Global Free Trade Option would see the UK offer to remove all tariffs on imports from other nations providing they reciprocate.

The benefits of adopting the Global Free Trade Option include the UK regaining its seat and vote on the World Trade Organisation, restoring sovereign control to the UK Parliament and securing control of Britain’s borders.

The report concludes “because the UK is already free to trade under existing international law using WTO rules, the EU leadership could not deny diplomatically or practically that the UK can take up this option. Economically and politically, unless the EU offers tariff-free access to the UK within 24 months of triggering Article 50 the Global Free Trade Option offering the most beneficial advantages and the fewest disadvantages this becomes the optimal option.”

John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave, said:

“I am delighted to join the Leave Means Leave campaign.

“The British people have voted for Brexit and the Government must deliver on this in full.

“I look forward to working with senior business figures and politicians backing the case for Britain making a clean break with the EU and securing trade deals with the rest of the world.

“We should leave no later than two years after Article 50, or earlier if EU negotiations stall.”

Commenting on the appointment of John Longworth as Co-Chair, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave, said:

“I look forward to working with John on this really important campaign.

“John played a crucial role in the Brexit campaign and I look forward to the extremely valuable input he brings to Leave Means Leave.

“He will be a vital asset in securing a successful Brexit deal the British people voted for.”

Latest from Leave Means Leave

20190303 Brexit Party 01

Winds Of Opportunity

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Engage. Participate….

Talk 3 weeks before Brexit….
EU Referendum … The Plan to DESTROY the UK




Bloke In A Field
The Sick vs Well Biz Model

70 people turn up to support Lyn Thyer
The spirit of support was not lost on the judge
Lyn was issued with a French arrest warrant at Canterbury Police Station
So far no substance to charges against Lyn
Judiciary Whoring For Corporatocracy
GcMAF not on trial.
Multiple exciting times
Goldman Sachs: curing people is not a sustainable business model. Keeping people sick is.


Lyn Thyer (GcMAF) Extradition Hearing


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Listen For The Birds

Listen For The Birds

Listen For The Birds

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Stab someone and the sentence may be less than producing and distributing GcMAF
Not a court of morality, but a court of law i.e. Justice Nicholas Lorraine Smith knew he should not have been jailing David Noakes.
Random search:
Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith was corrupt, says Violet Ecclestone

The court of corporatocracy

We require support for Lyn Thyer tomorrow at court.

Pathetic, crass, ignorant video by Momentum: video:
A Momentum moron:
Rothschild Conspiracy Theory Exposed :

The Bank of England is a private institution, not state institution.
We need interest free currency aka North Dakota.



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5G Antenna Every 300m Anyone?

5G Antenna Every 300m Anyone?

To Be A Goy Boy

Imagine: We all read each other’s thoughts; you can read everyone’s thoughts, and they yours. This was a thought I pondered, just for fun, as a young boy.

Does someone somewhere already have that technological ability; to access human thought?

In the beginning was the word? Would we need bother with words if we merely read one another’s thoughts? Would it eliminate or fortify thought crime? Author E. Michael Jones says in the beginning was logos, according to the original Greek translation. There’s a difference between word and logos.

Back to the everyday… and the latest is Baroness Varsi decrying Islamophobia… oh God, what next? Energy goes where attention flows and it seems some endlessly focus attention on race, creed and colour.

Sayeeda Warsi calls for inquiry into Islamophobia within Tory party

It seems every day Margaret Hedgehog or Rabbi Sucks Sacks or Barry the Gardiner or someone is condemning wide spread anti-semolinaism running rife throughout our country, though I never see, hear or experience it. Yes, I refer to semolina. Should I be more specific? Can you tell what exactly a semite is? Should it be Semite with a capital S? What exactly is a goy? Should that be with a capital G?

I am still perplexed how Margaret Hedgehog can call Jeremy Corbyn “… that fucking racist and anti-Semite…” and not be held to account. Indeed, she was invited to the BBC R4 Today programme next morning to share her grievances, her victim-hood and explain why the vile prejudice she perceives everyday culminated in her desperate need to express herself with expletives. Corbyn was said to have uttered ‘stupid woman’ under his breath and was demonised for it. It’s a good job he didn’t utter something like ‘fucking racist and anti-socialist’ under his breath. Is it some are more equal than others?

Anna Sourbuttry can refer to Trump and Brexiteers as racist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, narcissistic, xenophobic, sexist, misogynist…. yet, woe betide anyone call her the same name. I thought it hilarious that she was called a Nazi. Anna the Nazi? Poetic justice? It seems her accuser was even associated with a self-proclaimed Zionist. I am reminded of MP John Mann accosting Ken Livingston for suggesting Nazis collaborated with Zionists. Why is an idea, a thought, so offensive? What is the accurate historical relationship between Nazis and Zionists and, God forbid, might John owe Ken an apology?

I am white. I didn’t think of myself as white until creed and colour identity was foisted upon me year after year after year. I am more flesh coloured? Pinkish? A mixture of tones? ‘White’ is a comparative description at best. I am male. I was baptised Christian. I have a penchant for sex with females rather than men; indeed, my poop-shoot works well and I have no intention of anything going up it rather than down and out of it.

I miss art critic and ardent poop-shoot engager Brian Sewell greatly. His memoirs chronicle his sexual proclivities, but I did not dislike him because of his personal peccadilloes. He was a dear friend; I did not preclude him because of my ist, ism or phobia.

I don’t care what your penchants are, so long as they are not forced upon me. Why should I care if you are ‘racist’, so long as it does not impinge upon my sovereign being? Isn’t a racist thought, just that, a mere thought? Your thoughts are your own and if you have a disposition against another because of their creed, colour or gender, that’s your choice, not mine. I think there’s a lot to be said for the old adage ‘sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’.

How do you change a mind of prejudice thought? Electro-shock therapy? A programme of re-education? Or just leave them be?

The recent, incessant accusing of Corbyn and anyone or anything that may fall into the huge ballpark which is anti-Semitism is so bloody tedious, I’ve had enough. If you want to accuse me anti-semolinaism, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, any ist or ism or phobia, be my guest.

Apparently, I am not one of ‘God’s chosen people’. Am I to limit my thoughts, contemplation and questions to your parameters? If I ponder what I might deem humourous, for example ‘God’s chosen lunatics’, am I committing a thought crime?

How about contemplation such as…
Does anyone know when Israel might openly declare its nuclear arsenal (Gooners! Gooners!) as it so demands of Iran?
Can Zionism be categorised as Fascism with a mythological rationalisation for terrorism and territory?
Did anyone at the BBC or within Westminster see the Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby? The scene of Joan Ryan discussing a £million bung with an Israeli agent is glorious to behold. Imagine if that agent had been Russian; I bet John Bumhumphrys and the BBC R4 Today team would have been on it in a flash.
Did Moses and Jesus criticise Jews? Does it mean they too were anti-semolinaites?
What are the realities of living in the occupied West Bank? Have any of you tried buying a direct flight into Palestine recently?

It seems the brutal treatment of young Palestinians, children, teenagers, even toddlers, is an everyday occurrence under the Israeli reign of terror. It appears Israel is far from an ethical realm and indeed, institutionally racist toward the indigenous people of the land and abusive to its poor.

Is Israel a religious ethno-state? I don’t much care what kind of state they want, so long as it does not hurt or impose upon others, but apparently it does. I wonder how many MP’s are Friends of Israel or Palestine.

For the record, as far as I understand, Israel is NOT all Jews, just as Tony Blair and his WMD lie did not represent all British people. Still, Bliar’s mate Lord Falconer is being touted to chair an inquiry into semolina and the Labour party. No Zionist connections there then! You can’t make this stuff up; such chutzpah!

My Jewish uncle says, “Don’t be a mug…” and anyone who still believes that racism or anti-Jewishism is rampant in the UK or that the Westminster MP’s sincerely represent the will of the people… is a mug!

If people persist on focusing on creed, colour, race and gender identity differences, I guess these issues will doubtlessly become even bigger issues and problematic. The whole business seems to be a divide and rule Hegelian dialectic.

On top of race, creed and colour distinction, we are now being quizzed daily over gender identity. I’m a boy! I’m a boy! I’m sure of it, a goy boy!

So, I am initiating my own campaign and dialectic. I have had enough of the exploitation of the Goy with a capital G to fight wars for others. I have had enough of being demonised and accused daily on the BBC and within Westminster. I have had enough of The Lobby influencing our elected MP’s. I have never been a slave owner, never invaded another foreign nation state, do not employ or engage others based upon creed, colour or gender and I stand proud in declaring my organ has been used in vagina, not bottom engagement.

I’ve had enough and from this moment forth, if you accuse me, I’ll retort that you are being Goyist or displaying Goyism and, therefore, must surely be Goyphobic and anti-Goy!

Je suis Goy!

Nedist Artist of Nedism

Corbyn! Carpe Diem!

Bloke In A Field

Corbyn, grab the moment, seize the opportunity! Carpe Diem!

What’s the cause of knife crime?
decimated presence of police
militarised the police…. corporate enforcement officers
crap food
crap drinks
toxins via vaccines
over prescription of drugs e.g. Ritalin, Zoloft… zombie kids
break down of family unit

Ineos protest injunction unlawfully breaches human rights, appeal court told

FYI GcMAF website:

Cutting Out The CANCER ….


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Remain Or Leave? Leave!

Remain Or Leave? Leave!

Remain Or Leave? Leave!

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Treasonous politicians who believe they have not the God given, but Israeli given right to crush the will of the British people.
Those campaigning for a 2nd referendum should be brought to court for attempting  to obfuscate the will of the people.

COUNTDOWN to CHAOS … & Political Responsibility


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4 Weeks To Go

4 Weeks To Go

4 Weeks To Go

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Theresa May has no clue how to lead Brexit.
Corbyn has misread the grass roots swell for Brexit.

South East has had a series of earth quakes greater than Cuadrilla’s in Lancashire.
UCOG & Angus Energy claim they are not fracking, but merely: Acidizing
…. is used to either stimulate a well to improve flow or to remove damage. During matrix acidizing the acids dissolve the sediments and mud solids within the pores that are inhibiting the permeability of the rock. This process enlarges the natural pores of the reservoir which stimulates the flow of hydrocarbons.

Brockham Well Site

‘It sounded like my house was falling down’: residents react to latest Newdigate earthquake

2.4, 2.0 and now a 3.3 seismic event at Newdigate

Surrey residents report second earthquake in a week

BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES No studies showing safety of 5G: 7th Feb 2019


5G Smart Meter meeting….


If the EARTH hasn’t Moved For You Yet … It’s About To!


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Love The Chaos

Love The Chaos

Stories From The Semolina Bowl

The whole of he UK is anti-Semolinaic and we must wipe it out and off the floor. Jeremy Corbyn, a Gooner and obvious anti-Semolinaite, has impregnated the Labour Party with anti-Semolinaism and must be prevented from being UK PM. A sympathiser of the Palestinians, his election to further positions of power could encourage further balloon and kite-bomb threat to Israel and the settlement territories legitimately stolen from the Palestinians. Indeed, it is said that Corbyn has encouraged a new use or the word Israel as an alternative to the word steal.

As Margaret Hedgehog stated so eloquently within the Hallowed Hall of Commons, “… that fucking racist and anti-Semolinaite…”
Corbyn further demonstrated his contempt for all women by allegedly referring, in whisper, to Treason May as a stupid woman. How Corbyn has escaped arrest and incarceration remains staggering, but perhaps the UK will adopt President Macron’s stance by making all anti-Semolinaism illegal and then the dastardly Corbyn can be held to account by the ADL and and sentenced…. do you know the origins of the ADL and Leo Frank?

Nick Mason on Leo Frank and the Murder of Mary Phagan

Anti-Semolinaism with Joan Ryan & Chuka-Upah Oomoonoo

Plus, some bar mitzvah snaps….

Nice eh!?

Foreign Influence Upon UK MP’s

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

5G. Is it safe?
The infiltration of foreign interests into UK politics…

Israel Lobby: Anti-Semitism battle in UK Labour Party

Macron legislating to make any criticism of Zionism is anti-Semitic hate speech
Zionism is an extremist religio-politico organisation
Theodor Herzl:

Had Jeremy Corbyn been captured on video having the same discussion as Joan Ryna…. all hell would break loose for association and bribery with a foreign entity.
Bring down any MP’s critical of Israeli agenda… particularly against Palestinians.
Chuka-Upah Oomoonoo MP Streatham
Lucretion Borgia MP Liverpool & Wavertree
Mike’s Grapes MP Ilford South
Chris Leslie MP Nottingham East
Angela Smith MP Penistone & Stocksbridge
The list of twits and twerps:

Ted Heath knew the UK would become a vassal state of Brussels in 1972

We need UK MP’s who genuinely have the will of the people at heart.
We must address occult movements such as Common Purpose, Freemasonry, anyone with loyalty to a hierarchy above the public interest


UK Politics … A Narcissistic Swamp!


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Ratcliffe Has A Ratner Moment

Ratcliffe Has Ratner Moment

Ratcliffe Has Ratner Moment

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Geo-engineering? Ssshhhh!
Ineos purchase over million acres across northern England for fracking
Ratcliffe has a Ratner moment… loss of credibility
£40billion global revenue

Tom Pickering

Scottish government implemented a ban on fracking. Ratcliffe took legal action as per corporate approach according to TTIP….
Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership structure whereby corporations have supremacy over governments.

£4bn insult to Britain: MPs lead fury as UK’s richest man – a vocal Brexiteer – heads to Monaco ‘to avoid tax’

Jim sees Claire Perry and Greg Clarke as public servants For Sale!

€U pay off? £39 billion. If we use a US billion, thousand x million….
= approx. £50million for every man, woman and child in the UK?!


Jim Ratcliffe (INEOS) … The Unmasking Of a SOCIOPATH!


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A Wet Rag On A Stick

A Wet Rag On A Stick

A Wet Rag On A Stick

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Today clear skies
Yesterday skies awash with aircraft trails
Geo-engineering is just a rampant conspiracy theory…. despite Royal Society, Harvard publishing articles on geo-engineering.

GOD: gold oil diamonds
Venezuela?! John Bolton?!
They want to change Nicolas Maduro for Juan Guido
Venezuela has about 10% more oil than Saudi…. apparently.
Gold deposits?
Rothschild’s Rockefeller’s Oppenheimer’s
Wet rag on a stick has more charisma, gravitas and comprehension of the geo-political arena than our parliament e.g. 44 year old Gav the Defence Prefect
Who needs aircraft for an aircraft carrier?!

Participate! Non participation gives the deep state cart blanche
French boxer ‘yellow vest’ Christophe Dettinger sentenced
18,000 yellow vest convictions so far…


The DEMOCRACY of G.O.D. … Gold, Oil & Diamonds


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Gav The Defence Prefect Puppet

Gav The Defence Prefect Puppet

Gav The Defence Prefect Puppet

Bloke In A Field

…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Cuadrilla want higher Richter Scale 0.5 limit
UK more densely populated than fracking USA
Ratcliffe and Egan courting the media…
Corporate bottom line money not public welfare
Greg Clarke pushed Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry to the fore…
Gav the Chav: China is so dangerous, we have agreed for them to be the largest extractor of North Sea hydro-carbons!
Plus, China & 5G!?
Large North Sea gas source further negates need to frack inland

Keep the pressure on for Brexit.
Puppet politicians

Never under estimate the power of a seed sown




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Brexit Challenges 5G

Brexit Challenges 5G

Brexit Challenges 5G

Bloke In His Car…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Crowleyan spelling of magic…

An attempt to bamboozle the public into apathy and submission, but the sense is the country wants no deal out of the €U
Next challenge: 5G
First stage of 5G: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester
Second phase: Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Bristol…
Tree culling related to 5G transmitter 300m or so + line of sight
Even hanging baskets have a negative impact upon the 5G signal.

Physicians For Safe Technology
Digital Technology and Public Health

Telecommunications Act of 1996
Telecommunications Act of 1996

Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks SCHEER
5G networks will soon be rolled out for mobile phone and smart device users. How exposure to electromagnetic fields could affect humans remains a controversial area, and studies have not yielded clear evidence of the impact on mammals, birds or insects. The lack of clear evidence to inform the development of exposure guidelines to 5G technology leaves open the possibility of unintended biological consequences.

Unintended or Intended?
5G? LED? We do not know.
After Brexit MP’s will no longer be able to pass the buck to Brussels

The UK does not take fuel supplies from the €U
Corporocracy will everything it can to bring this nation to its knees to reverse Brexit


The €U? Brutality of Macron’s forces


The MAGICK of the Sociopathic GLOBAL CORPORATIST ….


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50 Days To Leave €U Hell

50 Days To Leave €U Hell

50 Days To Leave €U Hell

Bloke In His Car

The crass comments made by Donald Tusk!
Mark Steele hearing postponed.

Yeovil Western Corridor roadworks: Puzzled drivers hit with distracting ‘strobe effect’ from new street lights

Speak out, face consequences e.g.
A student’s death: did her university do enough to help Natasha Abrahart?

Tusk’s comments? Indeed, those who have represented Brexit have failed abysmally to remove us from the totalitarian €U state.
Aachen Treaty effectively a German-Franco bi-lateral agreement within the €U; first step toward a Franco-German empire
€U has destroyed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland….
Ireland currently paying €16.5 million per day just on interest on bail outs forced upon Irish government a decade ago….
Unemployment in Ireland 2007-2012 went from 4.2 – 14.6%
Ireland is a vassal state of €U and IMF

50 days till we leave €U hell….
€U needs UK damn sight more than the UK needs the €U

Jim Ratcliffe, Francis Egan both realised the seismic limits for fracking, now calling for increased limits…
Cuadrilla have triggered 56 seismic events, highest being 1.5 Richter scale

Dr. Ian ‘I lock people up for effective cancer cures’ Hudson MHRA CEO…..
Agency CEO to step down in September 2019


A Special Place In Hell …


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Capability Capacity Tenacity vs. Corruption

Capability Capacity Tenacity vs. Corruption

Capability Capacity Tenacity vs. Corruption

Bloke In A Field

Lancashire morning sky sheen. Bill Gates, Harvard University talk about geo-engineering, yet try bringing it up with any UK MP…
Every day people on the corporatist pay-roll make decisions they know are fundamentally worng
Rather than confront, challenge or question…. it is yes sir! No sir! Three bags full sir!
Fear of being true-self.

e.g. David Noakes, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet went out on a limb….

Maurice Saatchi

Saatchi bill passes in Lords but faces opposition and time pressure in Commons

The ‘Saatchi Bill’: can a PR guru cure cancer?

If the Bill is passed, we will put patient safety at risk and we will no doubt have to return to amend the legislation subsequently. Let me quote from a letter forwarded to me by a constituent who had met a visitor to my constituency who managed to convince him utterly that this individual’s company had found a cure—a miraculous treatment—for cancer, but was being obstructed by a vast conspiracy in the medical community. In the letter, David Noakes, who describes himself as the chief executive of a biotechnology company, refers to a compound he calls GcMAF, which he describes as

“… a human protein, present in 5 billion healthy people, that removes a number of diseases, including terminal stage 4 cancer. It has no side effects.”

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act 2016

EU RED TAPE: Bureaucrats ban CBD hemp ‘superfood’ after Brussels CLAMPDOWN on ‘novel’ food

Too successful. Impacting on Big Pharma revenue streams!

We require MP’s of intellectual capability, capacity and tenacity to drive home a successful Brexit.

Cuba has thrived? Really Ian?!

12 March Westminster, David Noake’s ex partner GcMAF court hearing.





An Israeli Company Claims That They Will Have A Cure For Cancer In A Year. Don’t Believe Them.

Bristol University student suicides…
Bristol university suicides spark mental health alerts




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Smart Surveillance For All

Smart Surveillance For All

Smart Surveillance For All

Bloke In His Car

Hard copy mainstream media circulation dropping like a stone
The Sun + The Daily Flail today = < print run of The Sun 2010
Dementia Patients To be Tracked By Smart Meters?
Surveillance for all!
…. a pig’s head in a gas flame?

Venezuela? Russia and China to recognise Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK?!
John Bon Zolton continues to look for confrontation
Venezuela has 10% > oil reserves than Saudi Arabia
Smart motorways?
Globalist rantings of Jim Ratcliffe….
Increase in teenage suicide? Exposure to EMF?
Increased suicide among military personnel? Expose to microwave battlefield technology? 5G?

Nothing about France and gilets jaunes
€U in meltdown and 17.4 million Britains know it.
Link between AI and culling humanity to suit the globalist corporatist agenda?

Spread the word. Sow the seeds.


The ORWELLION UK News Industry = Massive Distraction


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The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room

Bloke In A Field

Western globalists want to detract attention from France.
CRS, French riot police…. €U combined police and military operations.
€U-UK military unification.
The MP’s do not address it. Their interests are not yours.
€U legislation continues to be driven onto UK statute books.
€U corporatist club
BBC effectively under a D-Notice re gilets jaunes.
Don’t look here! Look there! Venezuela!
Venezuela has estimated 10% more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. Potentially, Venezlela could hold OPEC to ransom…
President Maduro has tried to repatriate Venezuelan gold deposited at the Bank of England
UK and others acknowledge Juan Guaidó as interim president
Banking is a tool of global corporatists
Globalists want to hurt the UK…. send in artificial inflation to hit the wealth, savings, stored by the middle classes
Grow your own food!


Venezuela vs France = #WagTheDod


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Theresa’s Brilliant Screw-Up Job

Theresa’s Brilliant Screw-Up Job

BBC Dymond & Trump Author Schwarz

…. Dumb Talks To Even Dumber

This interview staggered me. The BBC astound me on a daily basis. They are awfully competent as confusing, obfuscation, misdirection, propaganda promotion and downright lying. They are ironic entertainment, for me at least. This BBC R4 PM so called flagship news programme was up there with the high standard of dumb. I met, albeit briefly, Jonny Dymond at my art exhibition at the British Consulate in 2005.

It was interesting to observe ex-pats fawn over this BBC celebrity. Today he sits in on BBC R4 PM as well as being the new BBC Royal Correspondent. He is like the Matt Handycock of politics; an empty vessel climbing his greasy pole; at least as a member of the layman listening public, this is my perception.

His guest on this occasion was Tony Schwarz, author of Donald Trump: The Art Of The Deal.

Keep in mind that Schwarz dislikes Trump so much that he joined the media circuit to campaign for Hillary Clinton against the dreaded Trump. Even if you do not like Trump, anyone with a bit of initiative to research the background of the Clinton’s must at least suspect their ill-gotten credentials for any post within government. Just the Clinton Foundation and abuse accusations against Bill are enough to start with.


I felt impelled to transcribe this interview for the record. It was tedious having to go back over this tripe, but it does illustrate the low standard of information dissemination served up by our UK £3.74 billion funded national news service.

BBC R4 PM news programme
BBC host Tony Schwarz moaning about President Trump for near on 15 mins of an hour show.
I guess you cannot access this unless you are a BBC license payer…
37 mins in….
‘2 years ago in the weeks leading up to the presidential election, Tony Schwarz spoke to PM. Author of Art Of The Deal.
Schwarz wrote the book with little help from Trump, but had hours of intimate contact.
In 2016 he regretted having written the book. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton.
He described Trump as a child, thin skinned, desperate need to show his toughness, immensely dangerous were he to be in charge of the nuclear button.
2 years ago with Eddie NightMair…’

“Yes, he could win and if he does, I’m getting out of Dodge… I’ve already made the plans to move to €urope. Partly because I don’t want to live in a country where he’s President, partly because I expect him to go after his enemies with a literal vengeance…”
“He’ll come after you?”
“Oh, without question in my mind… Richard Nixon was pretty good at it and was nowhere near as crazy as Donald Trump.”

‘Now, 2 years on with Jonny Dymond’

TS: “I was at Hillary Clinton’s victory party till 7.30pm. It was before any evidence that Trump was going to win, but I felt uneasy. I said to my daughter, we gotta get out of here. At home my wife was watching the returns. It was may be a state Trump was expected to win. I got even a worse feeling. I went into another room and went to sleep. Next morning I went down, stepped into the room and my wife burst into tears. I felt a deep sense of shock and despair.”

JD: “You have described him as a grifter, charlatan, huckster, he has attention deficit disorder, behavioural issues, a sociopath. He won against the assessment of many experts. Does part of you respect him for the win, doff your hat to him?”

TS: “Not in the slightest. He’s a man deeply unfit to be president. He won, I strongly suspect with the help of the Russians. He lost the popular vote. He only won an electoral victory by 70,000 votes. He ran against a candidate that was very damaged. He ran in the midst of fear which he spent many months stoking and I respect him no more than I would respect any criminal or authoritarian who was, quote ‘victorious’, but at such a severe cost and by using strategies that were so illegal, or even if not illegal, unethical and questionable, that admiration is the farthest thing from my mind.”

JD: “You’ve said of him, there is no inner life; nothing is going on inside. Do you think that any depth has been added in any way by his presidency?”

TS: “I’d like to think that I’m a person who is capable of seeing the full range of a human being and I really do believe that the work I do is very focused on this. His development got arrested at a very early age, almost surely in reaction to what we might call traumatic circumstances even though he grew up in great economic privilege, he grew up with a very brutal father, a brother who responded to his father’s brutality by becoming an alcoholic and dying at the age of 41; a grandfather who was much of a grifter as Trump himself became; and a mother who was incredibly neglectful; not only couldn’t protect the young Trump from his father, but barely spent any time with him and that’s a formula for absence of both maternal care, but even parental care; that’s formula for really bad stuff to happen, because you become desperate to find somewhere the affirmation, the love, the care that you didn’t get as a child and in Trump’s case, in order to defend himself, in order to make himself feel safe, he cut himself off from the kinds of things we associate with a healthy or relatively mature adult, empathy, subtlety, rationality and above all, conscious, an ability to distinguish and to care about to difference between right and wrong. You know the sociopath is a person who cannot feel a sense of shame or whose shame is so over whelming Jonny, that they have to push it away because the feeling is just too intolerable; to feel that shame is to feel obliterated and that I believe is at the heart of Trump’s, both his character or lack of character and his behaviour.

JD: “You warned about him having access to the nuclear codes, his ability to order a nuclear launch unconstrained by other arms of the US government. Does that still concern you?”

TS: “Deeply. Why wouldn’t it? This is a man who is not in control of his emotions. Whose erratic nature the world has seen over and over again.”

JD: “You don’t think he has grown in office?”

TS: “Again, given the nature of his pathology, given the nature of his early deprivation, given the time I’ve spent talking to psychiatrists and people in the field of mental health, it’s simply not what happens to a sociopath; to what might be called a malignant narcissist. It really doesn’t matter by the way whether you diagnose him; a psychiatrist is, according to the cannons of the profession, not supposed diagnose him. I’m not a psychiatrist, so you could say I shouldn’t be diagnosing him because I don’t have those credentials, but the actual diagnosis isn’t important; you know who Trump is by watching him, and if you spend even a few hours with him, it is incredibly clear, that this is not a man you want with his hand anywhere near a nuclear button.”

JD: “Do you think the Presidency satisfies what you’ve previously identified as his need,
his desire, for an audience. Is this the ultimate stage for him?”

TS: “Well, that’s what’s scary, is that by virtually any standard you could imagine, if what you wanted in life was power and attention and respect, or at least the appearance of respect, how could you get more than by being President of the United States? And all you have to do is look at his comments to know it is not working for him; that he feels aggrieved in every moment and that he feels a kind of paranoid sense that the world is out to get him, that he’s being treated unfairly, that he’s not getting what he deserves, and this is his life time sentence; he never will feel like he gets what he needs. He is as I’ve said before, a black hole and this I’ve observed up very close countless times, that no matter how much you put into this man, no matter how much adulation, money, power, it seems to drain out of him as fast as it comes into him and he ends up feeling empty, needy and he’s in a kind of classic addictive mode which is that you give the heroin addict an infinite amount of heroin and all it does is prompt them to keep upping the ante because the initial high you get from the drug begins to wane and in order to get that same high you keep upping the dose. Well, Trumps way of upping the dose was to run for President and win, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to keep upping the dose. There is no external set of things that could happen for Trump that would make him feel OK. It’s broken inside. It’s not how much he gets or doesn’t get from outside.”

JD: “You have always been clear about your hostility to his politics, all aspects of his politics, whether his sexual politics or his traditional left right politics or how he talks about immigrants. There are those of course who think that certainly aspects, in fact perhaps great swathes of his Presidency have been a success and you look at the economy where wages are rising, unemployment is very low, the boom times are effectively in America. There are people who say America has much more swagger on the world stage than it did under Barak Obama. Has he done anything right in this Presidency? Some of this must be down to him.

TS: “Listen. I suspect of course there must be something that he’s done that have had some, that I would perceive as having some value. I honestly can’t think of them off hand. For example, the state of economy is a fierce mortgage against the future because our debt, the idea that we oughtn’t live in debt, that is a core conservative principle, and what they’ve done with this tax reduction for the very very wealthy, is they have vastly expanded the debt which will come home to roost for certain. It’s not clear at what moment, but they themselves, meaning conservative thinkers, because Trump is not a thinker, have railed against the idea of putting ourselves in debt of mortgaging our future and now Trump is doing it, they’re accepting it. So, I don’t think that simply because you flood wealthy people with more money and corporations in particular with more money by virtue of tax cuts and the economy gets temporarily expanded and the unemployment rate therefore goes down, is any evidence that that’s serving our future well. Let me give you an even better example: I just came from the US where as you know we’ve been experiencing the next in line of this extraordinary weather in the form of category 4 hurricane which hit the South East part of Florida, the South West part of Florida, both, and it’s clearly a function of what’s happening with global warming and we have this week seen 40 eminent scientists say that the future of the planet is so threatened that we’re going to see catastrophic consequences within the next 20 years unless and probably, I shouldn’t say probably, but may be even we totally focus on it as something we need to address, the likelihood is we’re going to see huge consequences. Well, Trump along with the people who support him, refuse to even acknowledge that global warming is occurring. It’s a kind of suicide mission. So, if you’re expanding the economy by pouring toxins into the environment, which is one thing which continues to happen, that’s hardly evidence of a successful move that you’ve made.

JD: “What about you? You said that if he won, you’d get out of Dodge. That you would get out of the country and also you said that you were concerned about your own well-being… you haven’t left the country. Why not?”

TS: “Well, there’s two issues there. One is, where, from a selfish perspective do I want to live and I’m an American, I’ve lived my whole life there, my roots, my family live there. My business is there. I’m comfortable in many ways there. So, all things being equal, I would rather stay in the US. Then there is the personal safety issue which I was very concerned…. that I would be at risk. I’m quite sure that I’m on Trump’s enemies list. I don’t know what number I am, but I’m plenty visible in the media, speaking in ways that are may be more triggering to him than others because he knows I know. So, I’m not stupid and realise there is a risk in doing this. There is an argument for my living somewhere else in order to be safer.

JD: “You genuinely believe your well-being, your safety is at risk?”

TS: “I don’t actually feel at risk. I don’t feel the sense of fear in my body. So, that’s the most significant answer I can give you. Rationally I would say I am somewhat at risk. May be I can be once incredibly explicit about this. The moment that Trump feels that he can get away with anything, anything, that serves his power and his cause, he will do it. That’s the only thing that stands in the way. Do I believe that trump would imprison or murder countless people he perceives as enemies, if he thought he could get away with it, do I think he identifies with and even admires people like Kim Jung Yun and Vladimir Putin? Yes I do! So if it were to come to the point where Trump for whatever reason felt free to act on those impulses, I would assume that I and many other people who had spoken out against him, would be at risk of death. For sure.

JD: “There is a horrible, horrible for you, irony here, isn’t there? He has through his victory, his breath taking Presidency, made you immortal to some degree; you will be known as the man who enabled him, in part, to become President through authoring The Art Of The Deal.”

TS: “As you started to say that I felt emotion well up in me. I do feel that for two years now, I have been doing everything I can to atone for that choice I made. But, you are right. In the end I cant. There is no atoning. The decision was made. I’m not so grandiose as to believe that I was responsible for Donald trump’s becoming President. I was not. There had to be a confluence of many many factors and no one will ever know how much of a role The Art Of The Deal played in all of that, but it did play some role and any role was a bigger role than I should have played, than I wished I’d played, than I anticipated would be true when I was 33 years old and he was a middle level real estate developer and I decided to do that book. But, here’s what I did know. I knew that he was bad man. I knew it when I started writing the book. I learned it having a previous journalistic experience with him and there’s no question that the better choice, the more ethical choice would have been not to have write that book.”

JD: “You sold out.”

TS: “I sold out. You know, I’ve said this before. The term was invented to define what I did. There’s just no question.”

This is just part of the never ending BBC onslaught aimed at Trump as it is Brexit and Corbyn. The BBC is little more than a tabloid red top and perhaps not as good. To sit through this self-pitying codswallop was a chore, but when I heard it aired live, I wanted it chronicled as an example of how low our national broadcaster has gone. If nothing else, are the BBC and Tony Schwarz seriously telling me the Clinton’s would have been better? I have not yet come across a single case of Trump raping anyone. The Clinton’s have a long list to be investigated at least.

Trump? Zionist? Corbyn? Socialist? Brexit? UK-€U military unification…. None of them are cut and dry issues, but the BBC present such a bias opinion when a decent and proper national broadcaster could offer so much more from history to health to science to…. the best interests of the nation.



Congratulations Chuka-Upah Oomoonooo

… on your new job with the Progressive Policy think tank.


Indeed, Chuka-Upah joins an organisation which includes Danny Kruger among its speakers at the:

CPP Inclusive Growth Conference

… lovely, cuddly Danny of Boles & Kruger, the Department of Chaos & Creative Destruction:

Tory MP calls for local government planning to be replaced by ‘chaos’

A key member of David Cameron’s inner circle was at the centre of controversy tonight after he was filmed stating that the prime minister and his deputy, Nick Clegg, want their “people power” revolution to unleash “chaotic” effects across local communities. The comments, by Nicholas Boles, Tory MP for Grantham and Stamford, were made 10 days ago during a debate in Westminster hosted by the polling organisation Ipsos MORI. During a question-and-answer session on the “big society”, Boles – viewed by Cameron’s circle as an “outrider” for imaginative thinking on policy – was asked why he seemed to prefer “chaos” to central planning of services.

Boles’ statements have echoes of comments made in 2005 by another key Cameron ally and one-time adviser Danny Kruger. He was forced to resign as a Tory candidate for Sedgfield after he was quoted as saying that the Conservatives “plan to introduce a period of creative destruction in the public services”.

Chuka-Upah’s The Progressive Policy think tank £65K salary will be guaranteed…


The Centre for Progressive Policy is independent and impartial. We are not aligned with any political party and are a not-for profit organisation. We are fully funded by Lord David Sainsbury, as part of his work on public policy. Lord Sainsbury also acts as chair to the Centre’s advisory policy council.

So, congratulations to Chuka-Upah. I wonder if they’ll invite President Trump to speak at one of their all inclusive events?



Turkey. Saudi. Israel. 28 Redacted 9/11 Pages.

The Turkish Saudi Khashoggi scandal. Trump redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 report. It seems if Saudi go down, they can take Israel with them. How will Trump manage the situation?

Jamal Khashoggi disappearance: US asks Turkey for recording evidence

Saudi suspect in Khashoggi case ‘dies in car accident’: Report:

Saudi and Israeli seem to be connected with regard with all sorts, not least Syria….

An Example Of 9/11 Inside Job 3 hour 28 mins 40 secs into Ryan Dawson video below….

Trump redacted 28 pages of 9/11 report which showed Al-Quaeda sponsorship by Saudi royal family.
The news didn’t report it…. because…
FBI full field reports from West coast implicate Saudi, but they have kept quiet since…
FBI full field reports on West coast implicate Israel
If the Saudis are brought down, ‘you’re (Israel) coming with us….’ hence the Zionist media have played down the Saudi involvement.
Prince Bandar and Prince Turki al-Faisal had provided money to the two hijackers of Flight 77 living in California, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, via the wives of Osama Basnan and Omar al-Bayoumi.
… Saudi complicity and the CIA knew, but failed to inform the FBI until the August before 9/11.
CIA financed, gave logistical support and protection from federal law agents.
That alone, makes 9/11 an inside job.
Add the even more damning stuff on Israel (Empire Unmasked 6 hour film by Ryan Dawson)
Iran-Contra was started by Israel sending contraband to Iran…. ending up murdering over 30,000 Nicaraguans

Weebos in Japan, MMA, USA,


Labour Based Currency



Thank God The Climate Changes

Yes, the climate changes, always has and hopefully will continue to do so. But, it is not anthropological nor is carbon dioxide a threat. Quite the contrary, Co2 is a gas essential to the perpetuation of life on earth. I don’t know why Sir David Rottenborough continues to push the carbon cult and the desire for world population reduction, but it’s not a scientific fact; it is a political ideal.

Certainly, a little homework will produce endless documentation about who and why the anthropological climate change myth has been perpetrated. Humans are deemed a disease upon the earth and provide an excuse for control them to save the planet! Of course, climate deniers are on a par with holocaust deniers…. oh deary me.

I do not quite understand Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn perpetually banging on about climate change when his brother Piers was at the alternative climate change Paris conference.

Published on 9 Oct 2018
According to a new report from UN’s IPCC we only have 12 years to halt catastrophic global warming. Mainstream media warned of “climate hell” if we do not make “unprecedented changes” to stop global temperatures rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Henrik looks closer at the global temperature data set (HadCRUT4) that was used to produce the conclusions in this UN report. The only independent audit of HadCRUT4 has been made by PhD. John McLean and it shows incredible sloppiness and embarrassing amateurish methods that have been used to produce the data, making it extremely unreliable.

New IPCC Report: Catastrophic Global Warming, We Only Have 12 Years (Again!)

UPDATE – BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

UPDATE – BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

Main points:

The Hadley data is one of the most cited, most important databases for climate modeling, and thus for policies involving billions of dollars.

McLean found freakishly improbable data, and systematic adjustment errors , large gaps where there is no data, location errors, Fahrenheit temperatures reported as Celsius, and spelling errors.

Almost no quality control checks have been done: outliers that are obvious mistakes have not been corrected – one town in Columbia spent three months in 1978 at an average daily temperature of over 80 degrees C.  One town in Romania stepped out from summer in 1953 straight into a month of Spring at minus 46°C. These are supposedly “average” temperatures for a full month at a time. St Kitts, a Caribbean island, was recorded at 0°C for a whole month, and twice!

Temperatures for the entire Southern Hemisphere in 1850 and for the next three years are calculated from just one site in Indonesia and some random ships.
Sea surface temperatures represent 70% of the Earth’s surface, but some measurements come from ships which are logged at locations 100km inland. Others are in harbors which are hardly representative of the open ocean.

When a thermometer is relocated to a new site, the adjustment assumes that the old site was always built up and “heated” by concrete and buildings. In reality, the artificial warming probably crept in slowly. By correcting for buildings that likely didn’t exist in 1880, old records are artificially cooled. Adjustments for a few site changes can create a whole century of artificial warming trends.

IPCC achieves net zero credibility
The IPCC well knows that halving CO2 emissions in 12 years is politically impossible, economically unaffordable and climatically unnecessary….

IPCC achieves net zero credibility



Labour Based Currency

Sitting here doing arty stuff… with Ryan Dawson talking to his buddy. Firstly, apart from artists doing art stuff, who has 4 hours, 39 minutes and 9 seconds to watch and listen to videos?! It’s interesting stuff, but I’m familiar with Ryan and most of the references…

Some one asks 3 questions for $5 including books to read on economics.
He answers anything by Ron Paul, and…

Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy
by Thomas Sowell
… and tells of
“The Money Myth Exploded” was one of the first articles of Louis Even, and remains one of the most popular to explain how money is created as a debt by private banks. It is available in the form of an 8-page leaflet (tabloid format) that you can order from the “Michael” office, in several
languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese.

Isn’t the internet fabulous! Here it is,well, sort of:

The Money Myth Exploded c.1930’s 17mins17secs

The following story was written in the 1930s in New Zealand – about social credit. It was adapted to the present – about mutual credit – and rewritten as a comedy skit by Murray Rogers. The characters’ names represent different admin accounts in H.A.N.D.S. (How About Non Dollar System), Golden Bay’s Local Employment and Trading System….

He also says Money Masters by Bill Still is good, but long.
William T. Still – The Money Masters

Ryan says, “You should base your currency on labour, not on gold nor silver and certainly not on debt….”

Weebos in Japan, MMA, USA,

Ryan says though Ted Kazinsky went awol, his chapter Oversocialization from Unabomber nails it:

Further edit on Ryan’s YouTube video….
An Example Of 9/11 Inside Job

3 hour 28 mins 40 secs….
Trump redacted 28 pages of 9/11 report which showed Al-Quaeda sponsorship by Saudi royal family.
The news didn’t report it…. because…
FBI full field reports from West coast implicate Saudi, but they have kept quiet since…
FBI full field reports on West coast implicate Israel
If the Saudis are brought down, ‘you’re (Israel) coming with us….’ hence the Zionist media have played down the Saudi involvement.

Prince Bandar and Prince Turki al-Faisal had provided money to the two hijackers of Flight 77 living in California, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, via the wives of Osama Basnan and Omar al-Bayoumi.
… Saudi complicity and the CIA knew, but failed to inform the FBI until the August before 9/11.
CIA financed, gave logistical support and protection from federal law agents.
That alone, makes 9/11 an inside job.
Add the even more damning stuff on Israel (Empire Unmasked 6 hour film by Ryan Dawson)
Iran-Contra was started by Israel sending contraband to Iran…. ending up murdering over 30,000 Nicaraguans



12 Years To Save The World!?

More BBC Climate Comedy

I turned this off about 10 mins in because I’ve heard it all before from the cultural Marxist BBC and here they are, at it yet again…

Just as Ryan Dawson of likes to say ‘John McCain is dead’, this is another excuse for me to type Monbiottom.

Man Made climate change is a UN scam to promote the idea of the human being as a disease upon the earth to be controlled. It’s bollocks. Fracking, 5G and the cutting down of trees are concerns to be addressed. Donald Trump may be surrounded by blasted neo-con Zionists, and we must challenge them, but he was absolutely correct to withdraw from the evil IPCC climate change crap accord. If Corbyn loving ‘lefties’ question my hard line, ask Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers:

On BBC R4 AQ George Monbiottom once called Piers a ‘bad weather forecaster’. Do Piers’ clients pay him for his bad forecasts then George?

This is the ridiculous BBC programme of propaganda…

Twelve years to save the world. While we’re squabbling about Brexit, climate scientists are reminding us that the existential threat of our day is global warming. This week’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising temperatures. According to its authors, keeping to the preferred target of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will mean cutting carbon emissions by 45% by the year 2030. That will involve, they say, “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”. Decades of increasing prosperity, freedom and choice in the West have come at a cost. The rest of the world wants rapid growth too, but should they be allowed to have it? In a society that badly needs to learn the meaning of ‘delayed gratification’, how should we, as individuals, change our behaviour? When the priority is putting food on the table, many choose economic expedience over sustainability – it can be expensive to go green. Would it be right for the government to make us all greener by taxing or even banning log-burning stoves, gas-guzzling cars and cheap air travel? Many make the moral case for saving the planet on behalf of our grandchildren. But what of our moral obligation to those who don’t yet even exist? Is it morally dubious to put the theoretical interests of posterity before the real and immediate needs of poor people today? If climate change is the organising call of our age, how should we respond?

Combative, provocative and engaging debate chaired by Michael Buerk.
With Shiv Malik, Anne McElvoy, Tim Stanley and Giles Fraser.
Witnesses: Leo Barasi, Author of “The Climate Majority: Apathy and Action in an Age of Nationalism”; Ross Clark, Journalist, author and political commentator; Charlotte Du Cann, Core member of the Dark Mountain project; and George Monbiot, Journalist, columnist and campaigner.




Censorship. Isn’t it endlessly fascinating? I’m so grateful 3rd parties have my best interests at heart to save me from the unpalatable ideas of others. Mary Whitehouse lives on. Dennis Wise, ex Wimbledon footballer name sake and now apparently a history documentary film maker has produced this little naughty 4 hour ditty. This is banned on regular platforms such as NotForYouTube e.g.

… but, can be found on Mike Adams’ Real Video platform.

I took a still from the footage and would like to categorically confirm that neither NED nor Riot is anything whatsoever to do with Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy or Ned. I doubt this Dennis Wise production will be aired on the BBC anytime soon.

New World Order: Communism by Backdoor:



JK Rowling Joins Anti-Corbyn Band Wagon

I bought, read and enjoyed JK Rowling’s 5 Harry Potter books. It was 10 years or more ago now, so without checking I think it is 5. The TV has apparently broadcast a documentary about the sweat and toil of Rowling’s early early years and today she is heralded as a successful heroine. Are we still allowed to use the term heroine or is that too gender binary in JK’s increasingly politically correct world? Mind you, with the swish of a wand JK could have a penis or not, couldn’t she? It’s bloody ridiculous. If you follow such news programmes as the you will be aware agendas are much darker and sinister than the mere level of ridiculous. JK has sponsored and promoted children such as Bana as part of the appalling propaganda against Assad and the Syrian people. Now she has joined the anti-Semite band wagon. For an apparently clever and successful author and business woman she seems clueless of the ins an outs of Syria, Israel and the geo-political world. But, then so is the BBC.

In J.K. Rowling’s new novel, a villain is an Israel-hating anti-Semite

For months author J.K. Rowling has been warning about the dangers of anti-Semitism in England, sparring on Twitter with critics who either downplay the phenomenon or say its proponents are confusing criticism of Israel with Jew hatred.

Now, in her newest book, she includes a character whose obsessive anti-Zionism morphs into anti-Semitism.

“Lethal White,” the fourth novel in Rowling’s Cormoran Strike mystery series, written under the pen name Robert Galbraith, features a pair of hard-left political activists who believe “Zionists” are evil and have a stranglehold on Western governments.

Extortionist Jimmy Knight’s extreme hatred of Israel has led him to hate Jews.

“I wouldn’t trust him if it was anything to do with Jews,” Knight’s ex-wife tells a detective. “He doesn’t like them. Israel’s the root of all evil, according to Jimmy. Zionism: I got sick of the bloody sound of the word. You’d think they’d suffered enough,” she says of Jews.

Rowling’s depiction of a far-left anti-Semite comes at a time of record high anti-Semitism in Britain, where she lives. Britain’s Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have been accused of insensitivity to Jews and condoning anti-Jewish sentiments within the party’s ranks. Corbyn previously defended a grotesquely anti-Semitic London mural depicting Jewish bankers, and referred to his “friends” in terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, though he’s said he now regrets these positions.

A September 2018 poll found that nearly 40 percent of British Jews would seriously consider emigrating if Corbyn became prime minister — as polls show he might.

The latest novel isn’t the first time the author of the Harry Potter series has commented on the dangers of anti-Semitism.

“Most UK Jews in my timeline are currently having to field this kind of crap, so perhaps some of us non-Jews should start shouldering the burden,” she wrote in April, in response to a critic who said Judaism is a religion, not a race. “Antisemites thinks this is a clever argument, so tell us, do: were atheist Jews exempted from wearing the yellow star?”

Rowling, who is not Jewish, also shared with her 14.4 million Twitter followers examples of posts she’d received that denied anti-Semitism was a problem.

To a commenter who posted that Arabs cannot possibly be anti-Semitic because Arabs are Semites too, Rowling tweeted a photo of a dictionary definition of anti-Semitism: “hostility to or prejudice against Jews.” She also included a spirited defense of Jews: “Split hairs. Debate etymology. Gloss over the abuse of your fellow citizens by attacking the actions of another country’s government. Would your response to any other form of racism or bigotry be to squirm, deflect or justify?”

When a Jewish mother tweeted Rowling to say her son had faced anti-Semitic bullies in school, Rowling tweeted back “so sorry” and wrote “Know that you aren’t alone and that a lot of us stand with you xx.”

A few months later, on Aug. 26, after a fellow mystery writer, Simon Maginn, tweeted that British Jews’ outrage over Corbyn’s views were “synthetic,” Rowling defended the Jews. “What other minority would you speak to this way?” she posted, before quoting from Jean-Paul Sartre’s essay “Anti-Semite and Jew.”

In 2015, Rowling declined to endorse open letters calling for a cultural and academic boycott of Israel and signed by over 1,000 British authors and opinion leaders. Instead, she joined 150 other writers and artists in penning an alternative letter opposing singling out Israel for opprobrium.

“Israelis will be right to ask why cultural boycotts are not also being proposed against…North Korea,” her Oct. 23, 2015 letter declared. Instead of boycotts, the letter said, “Cultural engagement builds bridges, nurtures freedom and positive movement for change.”

Rowling has been critical of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but is adamant that Israel, its people and its supporters should not be subjected to a double standard by their opponents.

Article end.

I am thoroughly enjoying President Trump; particularly the way snowflakes, the ‘left’, never Trumpers, the BBC, indeed the establishment persistently get their knickers in a twist about him. Obama was a war monger while thus far Trump has not initiated war. I am an enthusiast of Trump. But, Trump’s major donors are Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus. A cynic might even suggest such characters influence US foreign policy:
Follow the Money: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal:

Follow the Money: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal


Hey JK, how easy is it to buy a ticket and go visit Palestine as a tourist? I don’t know, I’ve never tried, but I do wonder.




God Has To Meet My Standards!

Dr. E. Michael Jones talks directly and clearly to Jan Irvin with humour on subjects including Darwin, Hawking, Dawkins and Judaism. I guess he broaches several taboos all in one session, which of course appeals to me; discussing controversial ideas I do not necessarily agree nor disagree with, but the BBC would deem politically incorrect and probably not engage.

I was tempted to title this Turtles All The Way Down… go to 21.30 mins for this reference to the the symbol of cosmology in India….

UnSpun 110 – Dr. E. Michael Jones: “LOGOS”

15 mins
The universe brought itself into existence…
18.50 mins
The eye can’t come from a blind ameba… that which is cannot come from that which is not”
20.10 mins
Stephen Hawking, he just died a week ago or so. What was before time? Anti-time….why didn’t the whole world burst out laughing when the guy said something this stupid…?
Before time, there was no time, that’s why it’s time!
Darwinists all make the same stupid mistake.
21.30 mins
Symbol of cosmology in India….
turtles all the way down…
Before matter there was anti-matter and before anti-matter there was matter-matter?
Metaphysics 101 and every Darwinist flunks it.
Darwinism wrecks reason.
The Michelson–Morley experiments showed there was no earth motion what so ever… (wow!)

Scientific Proof THE EARTH DOES NOT MOVE : Michelson–Morley Experiment

The stars move while the earth is stationary…

Although the estimated difference between these two times is exceedingly small, Michelson and Morley performed an experiment involving interference in which this difference should have been clearly detectable. But the experiment gave a negative result — a fact very perplexing to physicists. Lorentz and FitzGerald rescued the theory from this difficulty by assuming that the motion of the body relative to the æther produces a contraction of the body in the direction of motion, the amount of contraction being just sufficient to compensate for the difference in time mentioned above. Comparison with the discussion in Section 11 shows that also from the standpoint of the theory of relativity this solution of the difficulty was the right one. But on the basis of the theory of relativity the method of interpretation is incomparably more satisfactory. According to this theory there is no such thing as a “specially favoured” (unique) co-ordinate system to occasion the introduction of the æther-idea, and hence there can be no æther-drift, nor any experiment with which to demonstrate it. Here the contraction of moving bodies follows from the two fundamental principles of the theory, without the introduction of particular hypotheses; and as the prime factor involved in this contraction we find, not the motion in itself, to which we cannot attach any meaning, but the motion with respect to the body of reference chosen in the particular case in point. Thus for a co-ordinate system moving with the earth the mirror system of Michelson and Morley is not shortened, but it is shortened for a co-ordinate system which is at rest relatively to the sun.
— Albert Einstein, 1916

Does The Earth Move For You?

24.45 mins
Einstein’s theory of relativity saved the phenomena, that’s why he’s important.
Richard Dawkins insists everything is an infinite progression of small steps.
Where’s the talking animal?
The human being is the only animal that has logos.

Newtonian physics is weaponised science

38.00 mins
It was Adan and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
We have to talk about this stuff because the the oligarchs have forced it upon us.
The oligarchs believe truth is the opinion of the powerful
Denigrate morality and you denigrate truth. Oligarch’s have money and power. The only tool against money and power is moral law; truth.
Eliminate moral law and you eliminate the concept of being; of meaning to life; procreation!
Sodomy is meaning, pointless recreation, so you don’t ask for a raise.
Michel Foucault: pact with the devil….
The new left: you give me unlimited sex and I won’t criticise your economic system.
The arts: even if you’re not a homosexual, you should act like a homosexual.
The Jews rejected baby Jesus because he wasn’t a big strong warrior leader David.
The Magi were humble enough to accept something that did not conform to their plan.

Jones was denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Semite because he the temerity to write a book on the Jews.
49.00 mins
Polite people don’t talk about ‘Jews’
Wilhelm Marr created anti-Semitism
…. a Jew is a theological construct

50.00 mins
Jesus is logos incarnate…..
The Jew is a theological concept; nothing to do with race; the Ashkenazi are not Semites.
Some of the Jews accept Jesus; the children of Moses or the Catholic Church…. the Jews have been revolutionaries since that time.
The Talmud is a long winded rejection of logos
You can begin with Simon bar Kokhba
…. and take it all the way up to Amy Dean bragging how Jews gave us gay marriage…
How Jews Brought America to the Tipping Point on Marriage Equality: Lessons for the Next Social Justice Issues:
They could not accept Jesus; they knew who his parents were i.e. God has to meet my standards!
It wasn’t the Messiah they wanted, so they killed him.

Jordan Peterson being asked about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book 200 Years Together:

Jordan Peterson Is Asked About ‘The JQ’ At His NY Talk

Jews score so well at SAT’s because they cheat.

We’re not going to tolerate this ridiculous double standard anymore. You’re just like everybody else, you should be held accountable; you don’t get a free pass because you are a Jew.
I love the Jews because they are my enemy.

– o0o –

End of video interview. I assume there is plenty of material above to invite accusation of anti-Semite, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other ists and isms I’ve neglected to mention.

P.S. By contrast, Thomas Sheridan feels he can better manage Judaism to it’s hanger-on religions Christianity and Islam. Plus, he says, of course there was a holocaust.
Being Spirituality Authentic:



Agenda 21’s SWT Dog Ambassadors

Suffolk Wildlife Trust are cutting down trees. Knettishall Heath on the Suffolk-Norfolk border is a prime example. The Woodland Trust is cutting down trees. There is a policy to cut down trees nationwide directed by un-elected foreign parties such as CBD; the Convention on Bio-Diversity. Knettishall has inspired a website:
Platforms are writing about the issue:—wood-wide-web—save-the-knettishall-trees.html

The environmental scam Agenda 21 is manifesting in local ways and recruiting unwitting local people.

Suffolk nature reserve no longer dogged by disturbance:

The project apparently involves society members volunteering as “dog ambassadors”.

Now general public, breathe in, breathe out. Good people; note my gender diverse noun.

Next, walking. One foot in front of the other, then bring the other foot in from of that…. very good. That’s called walking!

Now, pick up your dog’s faeces in your plastic bag and deposit in an appropriate bin whereby lots of little packets of of faeces in their individual plastic bags can slowly degrade all together within a larger plastic bag. But, ssshhhh, don’t tell SWT Ambassador Sir David Rottenborough that you are touching plastic; he might seek a few more £million to make another BBC taxpayer funded extravaganza about the disease that roams upon planet earth called the human being.

“,… Waveney District Council had enacted a Public Space Protection Order that related to dogs on the site, adding an extra layer of provision, but the ambassadors’ “dialogue” with the dog-owning community since they began patrols in 2015 had proved “pivotal” in promoting responsible and sensitive dog behaviour on the reserve.”

Oh jolly good; cultural Marxism thrives within the countryside.

“Happy Paws Dog Training Society chairman Mark Willeard said: “We have about 12 ambassadors, the majority are from Happy Paws, and it has been a very positive experience all-round for us. We’ve been able to educate people as to why responsible dog behaviour is so important and how it can help the wildlife on the reserve and we will be continuing our involvement here. We’ve made lots of new members as a result of this project and we can teach them the skills they need to bring their dogs to the reserve and we can help them in general.

Really, how we survived in the countryside before the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, goodness knows.

“The ambassador scheme would continue to help the reserve in the future – and would stand it in good stead for its hoped-for extension which was the aim of the trust’s £1million Broads appeal, which currently stands at about £850,000.”

Ah yes, money. Lots of of it. Keep paying up general public, keep paying up! The ‘Al Gore-Obama-Rottenborough-the science is a done deal-carbon cult’ is not ‘science’ or a real deal. It is a political ideology, a scam to put it bluntly. But hey, if you believe in it, what can I do?