Greeting Cards By A Brexiteer Artist

I am offering hand-made greeting cards in the spirit of Brexit; whereby Brexit UK can thrive.

In a nutshell, I am offering a one-off, hand-made greeting card with envelope for £8.50.

This method of production could be applicable for 1, 10, 20, 30, 40+ cards e.g. each one individually produced, featuring an age, a name, a date, an anniversary, an occasion, a reason…. the more the order, the less the price.

Contact e-mail: ned(at)nedpamphilon(dot)uk
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The Back Story

The UK government, supported by the taxpayer funded £3.74 billion BBC, are failing to implement Brexit. What to do? Nigel Farage has initiated The Brexit Party, but what can I do?

Britain is not broken. The BBC and Westminster are broken. Hold fast, be positive and as far as I am concerned it seems we have legally left; but the BBC and Westminster are telling everyone otherwise.

Friday 29 March I hosted a Brexit Party at our local village hall. We were due to leave the €U 11pm that night. My party was mentioned by the UK Column News both before 31 mins 25 secs in…

Officially we still haven’t, though legally I suggest we did.
English Democrats:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has left the European Union as of the 29th March 2019 after the expiry of its two year Notice to Leave dated 29th March 2017.

I had sent out cards and letters to local MP’s and media. BBC Suffolk radio contacted me. I spoke to Mark Murphy BBC Radio Suffolk Friday 29 March 9.30am. He seemed to get a tad upset because I accused the BBC of bias… the BBC is agenda driven and bias toward the €U political club. Full stop, end of story. The BBC links will no longer work, but the interview was here:
2 hours 25 mins in….
Some one uploaded the interview to Bitchute:

On the night, Andrew Sinclair of BBC Look East attended with a cameraman in tow. The following Saturday morning I was having my coffee and suddenly a familiar voice came out of the radio. Mine!
“If Trump had been negotiating, Brexit would have been done and dusted in months. Never the less, the Brexit genie is out of the bottle.”

BBC R4 Today presstitute Nick ‘Dick Dobbyson’ Robinson painted a pessimistic view and because Theresa May had postponed Brexit again, he suggested we were forced to hold a wake… well, as Mandy Rice-Davies might have said, he would say that, wouldn’t he! For the record BBC Look East Andrew Sinclair was charming and up-beat. We had a party! The attendance was I think only 23, but those who came enjoyed it very much.
For the record, BBC R4 Today 50 mins in….

BBC Look East broadcast footage Sunday 31 March:
The BBC links will cease from functioning after 30 days, but I am chronicling them here for the record.
The UK Column mentioned it right at beginning of this show:

Shortly after 29 March I had a phone call with a local East Anglian businessman. Though very successful, he expressed how totally fed up he is with the government not implementing Brexit and how he was at a loss as to what to do. It gave me food for thought. So, what to do? This particular businessman talks about seeing and taking opportunities in life.

The conversation inspired me to seek opportunity. There appears to be a community of Brexit voters not getting a fair hearing on the BBC or being properly represented by Westminster. I have produced hand-made greeting cards for decades; just for fun; for my own convenience; because I can. It saved me finding, choosing, buying greeting cards for birthdays; Xmas, for any occasion. It became a habit. Now is the time to make business from my cards; whether a one-off or a mass produced design.

A new entrepreneurial Brexit inspired business venture is doing something. If you deem Brexit as something terrible associated with isolationism, xenophobia, racism, sexism, neo-this, neo-that; if like the BBC your knickers become twisted with every Trump Tweet; if you are a committed Remainer, it is your prerogative to dismiss this venture. I will not take offence. For those who sympathise, my new venture is in the spirit of a can do, optimistic approach, whereby Brexit UK can thrive.

As of now, I am exploring the possibilities of a business for hand-made, personalised cards and mass-produced cards by a self-declared Brexit artist, accessing the pro-Brexit, even pro-Trump market. Where Obama and Clinton invaded Libya and murdered the head of state without trial or jury, at least Trump attempts peaceful relations e.g. Korea. I know, I hardly view any leader as perfect and Palestine is a huge issue… but, right now, Brexit is my priority.

Can I use cards to generate new business inspired by Brexit or am I whistling in the wind? I suspect there are millions of people up and down the country left dissatisfied. Greeting cards might be a catalyst to communicate, acknowledge and support the Brexit community.

Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Can art help Brexit? Goodness knows, but it’s doing something rather than nothing. I once asked a much missed friend about the importance of art…

“Tell those who doubt the value of the Waveney Springs Art Collective, that I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is.
All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010

I decided upon £8.50 because it’s not worth doing a one-off card for £5 and £10 is probably too much and…. I’m giving it a go. We’ll see what happens.

If you feel the inclination to help push my cards to the like-mined, please do. Brexit must be realised. With clear leadership, Brexit UK can thrive.

If you meet or hear of anyone who needs a card for birthday, any day, any reason…. have me in mind.

I am offering a one-off, hand-made greeting card with envelope for £8.50. This method of production could be applicable for 1, 10, 20, 30, 40+ cards e.g. each one individually produced, featuring an age, a name, a date, an anniversary, an occasion, a reason…. the more the order, the less the price.

I can provide for a company wishing to acknowledge a meeting, a deal, a reason that might involve 10, 20, 30, 40+ individuals. The unit cost can be reduced to e.g. 20 cards for £60 depending on wording and time.

The front message wording of a hand-made card must be simple.

A more complicated artwork can be created for a mass production run.

With each and every card, know the artist, the producer, is an advocate of Brexit. We now have UKIP and The Brexit Party who, at this stage seem to lead the polls. Either way, I want a clean Brexit.

Yep, a politically minded greeting card producer. I trust I might attract like-minded clients. In West Suffolk, all 7 districts voted Leave, yet MP’s fear monger about falling over cliff edges. I aim to make business symbolising what Brexit can be rather than the anti-Brexit doom and gloom.

Much of my art activity has involved Turkey for over 20 years, hence:
Indeed, an alleged isolationist Brexiteer has a foreign, Muslim, Turkish business partner….

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