The Exceptional BBC Bimbo Baddiel

It’s one rule for David Baddiel and another for Ned Pamphilon.

I use the term bimbo as derogatory ammunition, yet I always thought it a gentle word. Models such as Samantha Fox used to be called bimbo. Blonde attractive girls would be assumed to be less than academically Einstein-like. At school boys might use bimbo as a ‘girlie’ put down to one of their mates; you poof, you tart, you bimbo. I refer to both men and women as bimbos whether Brian Cox or Caroline Lucus or Emily Maitlis. When Twitter blocked my account, I was surprised since I’ve seen and heard far worse from others. David Baddiel can refer to Brexit Party MEP’s as cunts, yet is apparently not blocked. At least I have enough savvy to use khunt, an anthropological term for a Himalayan tribe and, therefore, a playful play on phonetics, at least to my mind.

Offense is surely in the eye and ear of the beholder. We choose to be offended or not. Sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones, but words will never…. constitute ‘hateful content’. Well, not if you are David Baddiel and type cunt, but Ned typing bimbo is.

Now David the atheist Jew is to make a BBC TV Factual programme for us in order the BBC can continue to address fake news and false history. Dare I ask what an atheist Jew is? Can I be an atheist Christian? Is Jewish a race of people? Are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists…. races of people too? Am I risking anti-Semolinaism just asking? Yes, semolina. It appeals to my sense of fun, though no doubt others will deem it hateful content.

David’s particular fascination is Holocaust Denial with capital H and D. Denial is a useful word. Climate change denier is a recent one to challenge anyone not adhering to David Attenborough’s carbon cult of fear mongers. Even Paul McCartney has waded in; I heard him in recent months on BBC R4 Today equate climate change deniers with holocaust deniers. Note, the use or not of a capital H for the exceptional case of mass murder in history. Dare I ask about the Morganthau Plan ( ) and the mass rape and murder of Germans or the open air camps that contained thousands of German soldiers or the destruction of Dresden or the mass murder committed by the Bolsheviks throughout ‘white’ Russia or unleashed throughout Japan or….. why is one case more exceptional than others?

Ersnt Zundel was incarcerated for holocaust denial. It baffles me why anyone is imprisoned for denying any part of history and there’s a list of them from David Irving to Robert Faurisson. If some one wanted to deny WWII, would we incarcerate them? If some one wanted to deny the London Blitz, so what? Why would I care? I certainly wouldn’t insist upon their arrest and incarceration. I thought we beat Hitler to be free to tolerate the unpalatable ideas of others. This is Ernst Zundel on Jim Rizoli’s Bitchute channel:
I doubt it will stay there too long because Jim Rizoli is frequently censored for being a holy cause denier. Holy. Cause. Funny? I guess it depends upon your sense of humour.

I apparently have the option to delete my Tweet and re-enter the Twitter fray, but I stand by my Tweet. Anyway, I only had about 330 Twitter followers. What does it matter that I’m no longer involved there? What do I care? I actually like my ‘Remove Tweet’ notice. It’s an artwork to be printed out and displayed. I intend to use it as and when the occasion arises.

David Baddiel is the type of BBC comedian who appears on Desert Island Discs and is apparently a darling of BBC luvvy-land. He is allowed to type cunt while I am not allowed to type bimbo. Unless it was Clueless that was the hateful content?

The BBC are unfit for purpose. They are pro-€U, pro-anthropogenic climate change, pro-gender identity determination, pro-vaccination, pro-race identity determination, pro-war in e.g. Syria, anti-Brexit, anti-Trump…. at some point they will be held to account, but until then the like of David Baddiel get to present their versions of the truth.

The UK Column News cover the Baddiel case here:

These are screen shots from the show…


David’s intelligent and a chap of integrity. Abigail says so!