Made In East Anglia

“I, who attended Thetford Castle Street Nursery School, was perplexed looking at a Daily Mail online article photo of a new £65K staircase up the side of Thetford Mound. At the time, I was sat in a hotel residence apartment on the Asian side of Istanbul. I climbed that mound so many times before ever there was a staircase. Thetford, Thomas Paine, Common Sense. Oh for some common sense.

Last July 2019 I visited Lowestoft. I was staggered at what is left of a once thriving fishing port, the most easterly point of the UK. There is one ice room about the size of a large car garage. Wind machine turbine maintenance fills up the other 80-90% of what were once ice rooms. I don’t want to go out fishing; it looks bloody hard work and dangerous every day. But, fishermen want to fish. They like to do it. It’s a job, a tradition. It feeds the community. Fishermen and women have been treated abominably having given centuries of service, including loss of life at sea. It is time to pour energy into revitalising my home region.”

… and that was before the clown world of covid1984 set in.