A Wet Rag On A Stick

Bloke In A Field
…. offers better current affairs insight than the £3.74 billion BBC.

Today clear skies
Yesterday skies awash with aircraft trails
Geo-engineering is just a rampant conspiracy theory…. despite Royal Society, Harvard publishing articles on geo-engineering.

GOD: gold oil diamonds
Venezuela?! John Bolton?!
They want to change Nicolas Maduro for Juan Guido
Venezuela has about 10% more oil than Saudi…. apparently.
Gold deposits?
Rothschild’s Rockefeller’s Oppenheimer’s
Wet rag on a stick has more charisma, gravitas and comprehension of the geo-political arena than our parliament e.g. 44 year old Gav the Defence Prefect
Who needs aircraft for an aircraft carrier?!

Participate! Non participation gives the deep state cart blanche
French boxer ‘yellow vest’ Christophe Dettinger sentenced
18,000 yellow vest convictions so far…


The DEMOCRACY of G.O.D. … Gold, Oil & Diamonds


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Gav The Defence Prefect Puppet