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Original Artwork: pen, ink, water colour on A4 160gsm paper, signed, dated.
Status: For Sale
£3,000 + postage & packing
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A3 Fine Art Archival Hahnemuhle Photorag Pearle 320gsm
A1 Fine Art Archival Hahnemuhle Photorag Pearle 320gsm

Bloke In A Field 18 Oct. 2018
The Sun’s Stephen Pollard Backs Savage Javinch’s Mob Rule

Sun breaking. East Lancashire. First serious frost of the year.
Amazing and correct decision of appeal courts to release lorry surfers.
Custodial sentences excessive. Released immediately.
Mass gathering at Preston New Road next Saturday.

Cuadrilla have started to pressurise the well, so not really started yet.

Editorial in The Sun by
Fracking will solve our energy crisis and bring jobs…we can’t let mob rule stop it
On Monday, fracking began in the UK for the first time since 2011, offering the chance to reduce carbon emissions without sacrificing the economy

Mob rule Stephen? Would that be the decision taken by Lancashire County Council planning committee July 2015 would be sacrosanct. Savage Chaffinch as Communities Minister representing global banksters over turned the decision.
“I am minded to allow Cuadrilla to drill…”

Martin Lewis twitter poll 19,681 participants 63% voted no to fracking…

Does deep drilling release new bacteria, contained within geology for millennia, into the environment?
Extremophile bacteria…
Cuadrilla Francis Egan feels really good…

Cuadrilla chief Francis Egan: Scaremongering fracking opponents make me angry

Courts and corporations ignoring scientific, academic and experiential evidence staring them in the face to give corporations free reign to pollute resources of this country.

Injunctions are not worth paper they are written on.

The judiciary has been demonstrating balance, but commercial courts do not.

A charity called Common Purpose has been undermining UK society for 30 years
Sheena Ramsey 1992 graduate
Cressida Dick

However, the anti-fracking activists also include advocates of anthropological climate change; we have 12 years to save the planet etc…

Dear climate change carbon cultists who believe the shite rolled out by Sir David Rottenborough, the BBC and the Rockefellers, did you read that Greenies? The Rockefellers!!!…. please give James Corbett your time:
Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! – #PropagandaWatch

Sun Stephen Pollard Backs Savage Javinch’s Mob Rule

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Reproduction Options

A3 Fine Art Archival Hahnemuhle Photorag Pearle 320gsm, A1 Fine Art Archival Hahnemuhle Photorag Pearle 320gsm