05 : Covid1984 Class Action

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Attention: Matt Hancock, MP West Suffolk
Cc: local media: BBC Suffolk, BBC Norfolk, BBC Look East, Bury Free Press, Diss Express, Eastern Daily Press, East Anglian Daily Times, Local Parish News
Plus UK Column News
Bcc: private interested parties

Dear Matt,

Thank you to your Parliamentary Researcher William Frost for passing on my ‘detailed’ e-mail and to you for responding during this busy and stressful time for you. Perpetuating misleading messaging about a ‘plague’, must be a burden. If you are ‘following the science’, I am the Queen of Sheba. I read Orwell’s 1984 in 1984 and referring to covid1984 seems sadly appropriate.

You state you ‘will not apologise’. I did not mention nor seek an apology. While ‘apology’ had not entered my thoughts, it apparently has entered yours. I am interested in action to end this calamitous and it seems unlawful government policy.

With regard to:
01 not recognising my central premise that the threat of coronavirus is overstated
02 your claim to have kept people safe and protect businesses
03 your claim to be following the science with an objective, fact-led approach

… my response is summarised by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of the Corona Investigating Committee. He has released a statement regarding a Class Action tort law case for crimes against humanity against the protagonists of this covid1984 global scandal. The implications are profound and I suggest essential viewing for all the media platforms listed above:
This is a Brand New Tube platform version, should the YouTube version be removed:

The growing voices calling for an end to your government policy are exemplified by the Great Barrington Declaration:

Nobel Laureate scientist Kary B. Mullis who invented the PCR covid test kit said, “PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in ‘the diagnosis of infectious diseases…’ yet, the UK government proposes £100 billion on testing? This is bananas.

That deposition, the declaration and Mullis quote will suffice in my reply to your response.

My lengthy ‘detail’ here on in, is primarily to inform Cc’s above as well as your research team. This is not intended for publication (changed my mind and including it here as part of my Covid1984 chronicles), but rather to inform. It is what the legacy media should be doing; holding to account and informing the public best it can. This affects us all.

It’s still there at the government Public Health England website:
‘As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.’

Even ex-BBC Sue Cook is now on social media declaring she no longer listens to BBC R4 Today. Give me the BBC for a week and I will transform the UK from a state of covid1984 fear to one of open healthy optimism ready to thrive. I’d invite Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to support me for a start.

Voices challenging the official narrative are coming far and wide; more specialised and well acknowledged than I. They also observe and conclude from the official data, there is no pandemic; positive tests are not cases are not illness. You Matt, if so sure of the science and advice, could still debate e.g. Dr. Vernon Coleman to clarify your position as has been mentioned on TalkRadio. You could reassure us of why it is necessary to be where we are.
For those included above, here’s Dr. Coleman’s latest offering, sense of humour an’ all:

Brand New Tube is a relatively new alternative to the legacy media platforms. Event 201 style censorship and control of the message has been apparent and encouraged by you Matt. There has been global censorship and globally coordinated and managed scenarios:
The corporate media has been complicit. It appears the well-being of the nation has been unnecessarily compromised.

The ‘thought crime’ in 1984 has become a real thing. The Chief of the General Staff, General Mark Carleton Smith, in a keynote address at the RUSI: Land Warfare Conference 2019, even equated war with peace 1984 style….
“…. two increasingly redundant states of peace and war…..”
You can hear him about 12 mins in…

Of course I refer to covid1984. The covid1984 government policy, far from saving life, is suspected of endangering and even contributing to terminating life. Excess deaths above the annual average have coincided with lockdown instruction under threat of fines and arrest. We are watching horrendous scenes emerging from Australia of what looks like tyrannical state behaviour.

Just the idea of mandatory vaccination, in effect enforced mass medication, is nothing short of 3rd Reich, Bolshevik, Brave New World type totalitarian policy. You have disrupted my life, our lives, my freedom, our freedoms and now threaten my and all our futures.

Face masks on children is paramount to child abuse and a documented technique of mind control and torture. I do not require a PhD in medical science to understand this. It staggers me that my own MP is leading this onslaught upon our lives and upon our children. I am also saddened my community has so easily acquiesced. You will argue lockdown saved lives; that many more might have perished without it. It seems a court of law will have the chance to judge.

How can I consent to your method or approach to health, including the inaccurate, unreliable ‘test’, the ‘1984’ surveillance state track and trace programme or the vaccine? Why would I want a vaccine? Vaccine damage is a real issue and the puerile label of ‘anti-vaxxer’ is absurd. I am not an anti-vaxxer, but the idea that the human has been so poorly designed whether by God, Darwin or however, that it absolutely requires an annual vaccine, from birth to death, to survive life, is narrow minded to say the least; it is bereft of adequate knowledge of human biology, psychology, physiology or neurology.

During covid1984, there has been scant discussion on the BBC about those things called food and nutrition to boost the immune system. Hippocrates? Does that name ring any bells? Thou shalt do no harm? Food is medicine? The body relies on viruses as part of a functioning immune system. I watch paint and ink dry for a living, but even I understand the body malfunctions due to toxin attack, lack of nutrition or physical damage such as a bone breakage. The body is not necessarily short of a patented pharmaceutical product. The NHS does not require ever more funding as much as we all might benefit from cleaner food, water, nutrition and fundamental immune system education.

Covid1984 policy, not so much the virus, is endangering my community. How I look forward to a quiet life without having to concern myself about fascistic-communist type threats from my own MP, should we fail to follow instruction. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this current state of affairs. I thought living in Istanbul under Tayyip Erdogan was an interesting challenge. I painted Gadhafi for a Turkish construction company and contrary to impressions presented by the BBC, Libya was a relatively stable and successful nation state. That was before Gadhaif was murdered live on YouTube without trial or jury which induced Hillary to herald, ‘We came, we saw, he died.”

I have been an open and approachable artist engaged in community projects here and abroad, including places where authoritarian restrictions concerned foreign nation states, not mine. But, the restrictions and threat we all live under today in the UK are unfathomable. If there were a deadly virus and I needed to dress up like Daffy Duck to protect myself, I would, but the real threat here is the state imposition on free people. If this is a pandemic, then so was last year’s flu and the years before that. Are we to undertake a new abnormal whereby every breath is monitored? Why touch at all? Who needs suckling babies when we can produce them without the need for all that messy love making stuff? That’s where we are heading: a technocratic Green New Deal world? No thank you.

I include local media platforms in this communication because they have disappointed; presumably influenced by such programmes as the taxpayer funded Behaviourial Insights Team which sets out to engineer the behaviour of the taxpayer. As for Tobias Ellwood’s 77th Brigade monitoring the ‘message’, this is straight out of the Goebbels handbook. You are talking of deploying the military onto the streets to fight what amounts to a seasonal flu threat. Thankfully, where the BBC are unfit for purpose, the UK Column News informs:

Matt, your succinct answer “No!” to your irritating Remainer colleague Richard Burgon did make me laugh. Perhaps Rt. Hon. Burgon should have asked you, who the hell is Miss. Nicole Junkerman?

These are indeed, interesting and trying times. I’ve even had to write to ‘aristocratic, conservative’ Arsenal Chairman Ken Friar to request my team get off their knees and cease their ludicrous kneeling nonsense in support for Marxist BLM whose policy includes the destruction of the family unit. What is wrong with everyone? Now Alexander Kemal Johnson is pushing for wind machines, a policy which has desecrated Lowestoft; as Prof. William Happer says, we have a Co2 drought, not a Greta Thunberg anthropogenic Co2 problem. Co2 is bad, yet we are instructed to wear face nappies and re-inhale our own Co2? What’s wrong with you all?

I trust that good will out. I have more faith in President Trump than Al Johnson, which is a bizarre declaration to make, but there it is. Is covid1984 a smoke screen for something else? Are child trafficking rings and corrupt circles being rounded up? Are you merely following instruction for all our betterment in the long run? God knows. It is so perplexing I am beginning to think anything is possible and that God does only know.

I do know there is no pandemic that warrants the desecration of the UK economy and you can insist black is white all day and night long; I am no longer a lone source of concern because increasing numbers of prominent and respected persons say otherwise. With that President Trump has had a covid1984 tweet censored. It’s remarkable.

I urge all to take note of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his consortium.

Yours sincerely,
Artist, Gooner
Thetford – Bury St. Edmunds – Diss

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