06 : Jesus On My Side

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05 : Covid1984 Class Action

Jesus would have challenged this covid1984 codswallop. I’m not even religious, but am sure I have Jesus on my side. If there was a real historical Jesus or not, the spirit of the character who threw the money changers out of the temple, would presumably have seen through today’s pandemic pushers. As Bill Gates III says himself, the economic returns on vaccines are, “… over a 20-1.”

It’s a huge international drug deal.

Spoiler alert: people die and older people tend to die of a variety of ailments including flu. Off the top of my head, UK deaths per day for the last 5 years have been 1,300-1,600. In Japan, where lock down measures have been relaxed and optional, the death rate is 18 per 1 million. Whose figures to trust? It seems the fatality rate is in the region of 0.04%, rising a little for the older age group and those with underlying conditions. I have seen numerous videos of near empty to quiet hospitals. I have lost count of the number of Tik-Tok nurse videos. We have an overwhelmed NHS system yet nurses are making choreographed dance clips? The optics are not good to say the least. Still we intend to mass vaccinate for a disease apparently killing so few? Bill Gates and Matt Handycock do. Welcome to The Gates Of Hell!

Apparently, we must fend off the deadly pandemic sweeping though the country with a fatality rate of 0.04% and herald a PCR test kit about which its inventor Nobel Laureate scientist Kary B. Mullis said, “PCR cannot be totally & should never be used as a tool in the diagnosis of infectious diseases…”
Mullis, conveniently for some, died August 2019, so he can’t be a nuisance for WHO, but we may reminisce on what he said of Dr. Fauci:

Here’s the oh so wonderful Dr. Fauci demonstrating what we can all do to fight the dreaded plague and keep generating profits for the international vax industry since God/Darwin/nature failed to design the human body adequately enough to survive life without a jab:

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Glorious spam…. but, that’s another story, song and flashback to a Monty Pythonesque world.

We have a Xmas card from The Church Of England listing the carol services across the benefice this Christmas. It states because of covid-19 restrictions on numbers, willing participants need to call and book a place. Are you kidding? Will there be a sermon from behind a face nappy too? After all, we must limit any loose spray of sermon descending upon the congregation as worshipers adhere to cultural maskism and socialist distancing. We now have a lady Reverent. We’re very diverse in our benefice you know. During her first Xmas service she talked about Brexit, Archbishop Justin Welby, immigrants and our divided community. Despite the advice of our Remainer MP Matt Handycock, all 7 districts of our constituency voted to Leave the €U. I suggest that indicates a constituency of majority consensus; we are not divided and certainly no more than usual when the country elects a Tory or Labour government. As for Justin Welby, he espouses remaining within the political €U, supports David Attenborough’s climate change carbon cult and pushed for interfering in Syria which is in effect war-mongering. I suggest he’s far from Godly or good.

Syria? Christian representation? Try Rev. Andrew Ashdown:

Andrew Ashdown Tells of his experiences On The Ground in Syria

Voices from Syria: Reports from Inside Syria by Rev. Andrew Ashdown – Part 1

The idea that singing is banned due to the fear of further spreading particulates of covid1984 is ludicrous; it is Monty Pythonesque, except it’s real life and my clown world dark comedy community acquiesces accordingly.

I would open the church, the village hall, the pub, the shops and all. But then, I would never have had a lock down policy. Those feeling vulnerable can stay at home, self-isolate, don a face nappy, cover their skin in as much corporate sanitiser as they wish and arrange for friends and neighbours to shop for them. Instead, we are destroying businesses and disrupting lives nationwide. I suggest lock down policy has resulted in excess death above the average.

On top of all this festive cheer, Health Munster Matt Herr Gruppenführer Handycock introduced a new mutant strain of covid1984 to the storyline and PM Al Johnson basically cancelled Christmas in true bah humbug fashion.

If this were not all bizarre enough, there has been a U.S. election which, it is alleged, swamp creature sniffer Biden won by the biggest vote numbers in history. The face nappy basement dweller who hardly campaigned, cannot attract high numbers to his YouTube addresses, let alone secured a record voting figure for the election. It’s utter nonsense. President Trump, the bare faced one, won by a landslide and the evidence for election fraud is extensive, but the legacy media call the allegations ‘baseless’ while the US Supreme Court does not even examine the evidence. I have followed much of the public hearings in states where voter fraud is alleged. To suggest there is no substantial evidence is evidently yet more codswallop. There is plenty of material and this is one example:

The past 4 years have seen allegations galore made against President Trump including a golden shower incident involving Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room based upon Christopher Steele’s dodgy dossier. That was reported by Eddie Nightmare on BBC R4 flagship news programme PM. Meanwhile, just before the US election, the legacy media would not touch the Hunter Biden laptop from hell story despite the images and communications widely shared online. So, for this artist business is business:
Q? Laptop From Hell:

Biden? 47 years in US politics? Corruption? No, he wouldn’t, would he? Good old sleepy Joe’s response to being asked about Hunter was, “Yes, yes, yes. God love you man. You’re a one horse pony…”
Now, how do I draw a one horse pony Joe? Use my imagination I guess. The man can hardly walk, let alone talk:

Trump? Russiagate? How about the Ukraine Joe?
Edit: It seems YouTube have censored this…

Independent journalist Ryan Dawson may not have the budget of BBC or CNN production, but he lays out the reality of Joe Biden:

As for Hippocrates, well, at last we know what a silly old fool he must have been. Thou shalt do not harm and Food is Medicine? Really, do people still regard the old bubble & squeak (FYI Cockney Rhymin’ = Greek) as the father of medicine? I do, but then I back Trump to defeat the cheat and Communism and secure a 2nd term, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to me and under no circumstances watch this fake news propaganda by Joshua Philipp, Who Is Stealing America?
… the link for which I have to break-up like this:
https:// www. theepochtimes. com/2020-election-investigation-who-is-stealing-america_3617562.html
… to avoid FakeBook censoring it. What it is to live in the free world!

I don’t think the BBC or even the Republican Party establishment want Trump for a 2nd term. However, I have a feeling Jesus may be on President Trump’s side too. Let’s see what happens come January 2021.

Happy Xmas! Carry on Wilson! (that’s a Dad’s Army thing…)

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