10 : Unintended Consequences Beget Solutions

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From the unintended consequences of covid1984, let solutions begin. There I was walking across the fields as is my evening pre-bed wont, Wednesday evening 25 February 2021, radio in hand with BBC R4 The World Tonight on:
At about 10.20pm they began reporting on Gwyneth Paltrow, her company and website Goop:

Gwyneth Paltrow

I thought how GOOP is a P more than GOO; David Scott’s phrase for Government Of Occupation; cue a commercial link:

Apparently, Gwyneth, who epitomises the politically correct Hollywood actress, is suggesting and offering ‘alternative’ health remedies and the BBC were not approving. Indeed, she was suggesting remedies to manage ‘long covid’ and woe betide anyone doing that. The BBC used the word quackery. Apart from duck noise, I associate ‘quack’ as a term used by the Rockefeller Foundation to demonise homeopathic doctors in the early 1900’s as Rockefeller oil interests were determined to bring in allopathic health remedies and pump up the growth of their chemical industry interests. The BBC only support officially certified goop, so Gyneth’s GOOP is certainly off limits for fear of introducing any alternative to the pharmaceutical industry’s vax solution. I laughed as the BBC bemoaned Gwyneth’s candles that ‘Smell like my vagina…’

Not my cup of tea, but let the free market be and let people make their own decisions without BBC or any other censorship. The Beeb even had an ‘expert’ from Sense About Science to condemn Gwyneth’s alternative remedies; https://senseaboutscience.org/ has the audacity to highlight on their website: ‘Because evidence matters.’ Oh yeah, and I’m the Queen of Sheba yet again. If only the BBC and UK government really did adhere to real and proper science and evidence.

A week or so later further covid1984 unintended consequence and irony manifests with an Israeli lawyer seeking the help and support of Reiner Fuellmich in Berlin, Germany:

Benjamin Netanyahu has gone covid-crackers and pushing vax policy like no other nation. The protests and signs reveal yet more irony: Jews protesting against their own government about being marked and numbered…

As March begins, the Irish government who have instructed among the most severe lock-downs in the world, are experiencing back-lash from the beleaguered Irish public and as Thomas Sheridan suggests, the Irish people are released from the lock-down spell…

Thomas references this RTE Prime Time debate about the protest in Dublin…

The term ‘unintended consequences’ resonates with me because it was used by Ian R. Crane who sadly passed away 26 February 2021. This is a short video montage of my illustrations accompany some of Ian’s daily ‘Bloke In A Field’ videos…
God bless @IanRCrane


Thomas Sheridan’s tribute summed Ian up nicely…

To another favourite of mine and a President the U.S. never had, Dr. Ron Paul. This article is from 22 February 2021:
In the past week or so both Texas and Mississippi have joined South Dakota in completely opening up and discarding any face nappy mandates. I quote from the article:

Texas with Abbott’s restrictions fared no better than Florida with no restrictions when it comes to Covid cases and deaths. The Texas governor knew that months ago when the data from Florida proved that lockdowns, masks, and other restrictions had no effect. But he refused to change course. He refused to follow the brave lead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and open Texas completely.

Politicians too stubborn or fearful to change course when facts dictate otherwise do not deserve to remain in office. Governors Gavin Newsom in California and Andrew Cuomo in New York are finally facing consequences for their Covid authoritarianism. When the smoke clears – and it is rapidly clearing – many more of these petty tyrants will fall. That list of deposed Covid tyrants may well include Texas Governor Greg Abbott – and the slumbering Texas state legislature – as well.

Let’s hope Texans – and all Americans – will learn from this and more forcefully demand their God-given liberty!
Copyright © 2020 by Ron Paul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

As covid1984 is the excuse given for closing down much of the UK economy, maybe these circumstances do offer an opportunity for a reset; a different reset from the one desired by the UN, the World Economic Forum and the virus promoters. I watch paint dry and do not profess to be a specialist on world management, but I can propose suggestions based upon my own judgement, common sense and the advice of specialists.

Free speech
Let it reign! Among the most censored commentators I’ve followed in the last 10-15 years is an American based in Japan, Ryan Dawson. His website is:
If you want to know who did what regarding the assassination of JFK, RFK or on 9/11, ask Ryan. What is it Ryan says that leads to such censorship? I invite you to explore for yourself. Free speech is essential to sharing and spreading good ideas. Absolute truth may be allusive, but lies can certainly been revealed and at least let us discuss possibilities. Surely, it is not necessary for me to further type about the importance of free speech.

As nations have closed down their societies while testing for the common cold, as some adorable cynics suggest, there is now talk of ‘zero covid’ just as the carbon cult lobby calls for ‘zero carbon’. A reset could re-educate the world about anthropogenic climate change. Co2 is a gas of life; unless you’re wearing a face nappy. I can reference numerous professionals from William Happer to Tim Ball to the work of the late David Bellamy. The current climate change obsession and dilemmas as espoused by Sir David Atenborough, Greta Thunberg and the BBC are perhaps summed up for me by a book on Viktor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew with a forward by David Bellamy whose idol was Schauberger. The first alert comes on p.18…
‘You don’t need to subscribe to conspiracy theories to realize that all aspects of our society suffer from a grand delusion that is contributing to the breakdown of our world order and to the collapse of our ecosystems.’
In my book I’ve noted: ‘What? Silly comment.’
Then on p.19…
‘… we can’t even agree to implement the kind of cuts in carbon dioxide emissions that are essential to avoid catastrophic climate change.’
How could Bellamy, completely dismissed by the BBC for ‘denying’ Co2 climate change, be supplying the forward to this book?
Bellamy gave a lecture in Cambridge 2011 which includes toward the end, “My case rests, carbon dioxide is not a poison but the world’s best friend.”
…. and that’s why he was side lined by the BBC; the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

There are those who conclude historic economic crashes have been purposefully induced and indeed, covid1984 has been a catalyst to intentionally crash sectors of the economy again. We can reform the central fractional banking system; re-educate the world on real free market capitalism. Aahhh! Capitalism?! Yes. What is all too frequently referred to as capitalism is not. For example, crony-capitalism is not capitalism; it is state-corporate merger. Whether you label this merger as fascism or communism or whateverism, it’s state-corporate merger. It’s not capitalism nor free market as I understand. We and other nations could issue our own treasury notes e.g. the Bradbury Pound:

Let’s educate our children, not programme them; get back to critical thinking and away from the Frankfurt-Prussian Pavlov Dog training model:
From the outset, we can teach children the power of their thoughts. Thoughts lead to action. Secondly, let’s provide children with self-defence lessons, perhaps along the lines of martial arts for both mind and body. This can be alongside a variety of sport and exercise opportunities. Next, the 3R’s. I remember thinking how boring and old fashioned the concept of the 3R’s was. But, we must teach children the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic. Add to this, play! Music, dance, sports, reading, whatever a child enjoys, let them play. Cease the cultural Marxist politically correct codswallop and get back to abc, 123 and the tools to explore, analyse, critically think, evaluate, determine and dream.

Food and Nutrition
Whether God or Darwin or however we came to be, has the human body been so poorly designed, we require patented pharmaceutical products to survive life? For optimum health surely we require clean food and water; I mean healthy energetic water and food grown without unnecessary artificial additives. We can encourage home grown food and perhaps importantly, seasonal food production. We can encourage cooking and the preparation of food.

Solar and wind are not the answer to our national energy grid needs as demonstrated by eco-fascist Michael Moore and his film Planet Of the Humans. Oil, coal and gas can function in the short term. I understand thorium nuclear energy is a safe solution. I assume hydro-energy can be used where convenient. Aside from that, I’m bloody sure there is technology on the shelf or in the minds of men and women that can meet our energy needs cleanly, safely and efficiently.

No is a powerful word as is the concept of non-consent. We can revisit the concepts of natural, common and maritime law. It might also be useful to understand and even actually adhere to nation state constitutions and in the UK we apparently do have written constitution in accordance with common law…

‘Energy flows where attention goes’, is a lovely idea; whether scientifically or spiritually correct, I like it. The good will out and the irritating forces pushing this ludicrous covid984 agenda will fail as unintended consequences give rise to solutions. Chin up! In just a year I have added to my book collection and have a clearer understanding of viruses and the history of the health sector. In just a year thousands and millions of people are investigating, exploring and researching material they, but a short while ago, had no interest in. The human being can show a propensity to be naive, stupid and dangerously subservient, but also to learn from mistakes and develop a greater sense of knowledge and understanding along the way. We are learning and beneficial solutions will result.

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