11 : The Sound Of Covid1984

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The sound of covid1984 Tuesday 16 March 2021 was “No!”

‘No’ was my answer to the local NHS surgery calling to invite me to an appointment for a covid1984 jab. I asked, why would I want a vax for a disease that I have less than 1% chance of dying from? I told her I wouldn’t take health advice from my MP Handycock for all the tea in China. She said she was just doing her job to which I mentioned ‘just following orders then’, and shortly thereafter she hung up. I assume, I may now be officially on Herr Gruppenführer Handycock’s black list.

However, this post was initially inspired by another sound: who had the absurd idea of broadcasting artificial pre-recorded football crowd noise during live football commentary matches? Who sanctioned such absurdity? Further absurdity are the photographic images of individual crowd members that are sometimes placed within the stadium seating area for live TV games. It is a psychological operation for the senses and I can only assume something in accordance with the UK government’s Behaviourial Insights Team. The UK government now pretends, ‘Behavioural Insights Team is now independent of the UK government’, as stated here:
Oh so independent and I remain the Queen of Sheba…
Their new website states:
‘We apply behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver positive results for people and communities. BIT – the original Nudge Unit.’

How warm, friendly and reassuring. Just to clarify their independence, they also state:
‘We are jointly owned by the UK Cabinet Office, innovation charity Nesta and our employees.’
The logo at the bottom of the page emphasises their independence…

Covid1984 clown world just rocks on. As far from football matches the madding crowd may be, they do not escape the perpetual madness and insanity of covid1984.

Yes, in some instances the sound of covid1984 is silence. Simon & Garfunkel’s song comes to mind…
“Fools,” said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows…”

Silence has come to high streets as shops and businesses have been shut down. When will people cease submitting? I heard someone joke that if the UK government instructed people to implement butt plugs to prevent the spread of covid1984 and save lives, many would.

So, rather than the sound of silence, we have artificial sound effects for what a cynic might perceive as an artificial pandemic.

I cannot bear the artificial crowd noise during live football commentary. But, the media are there to promote the pandemic and ensure we all remain fearfully diligent in adhering to the instructions of Herr Gruppenführer Handycock & co.

I am lucky being able to walk most days in countryside and carry a portable radio to hear what’s what, from football commentary complete with artificial crowds noise to anything that may take my ear. Recently, BBC R4 Extra’s TED Radio Hour’s Guy Raz explored the social difficulties of coping with mental illness…

… as the psycho-babble continues. “We will understand the brain so well, that we will understand every neural pathway that mental health will be fully treatable…”
Never mind the breakdown of the family unit, the attack on businesses, lives and livelihoods, let’s solve your psychological problems by rewiring your brain?

This little 100 page book summarises the history of replacing critical thinking with Pavlov Dog training:

The BBC talk about the treatment gap? ‘Jesus H. Christ’, I think as I monitor their official version of everything. They seem to propose we avoid the experiencing life whereby we have the freedom to choose how we might respond to any given experience. Instead, psychologists suggest we can rewire the brain to eliminate depression or inclinations of racism or misogyny. Is that surgery or merely psychological reprogramming? A reset of your thinking to retrain your response in comfortable acquiescence to servitude? Indeed, the government is now considering changes to the law to make misogyny a criminal offense. Will the state implement corrective surgery? I bet most men and women up and down the UK would even struggle to answer what misogyny even is.

As for fundamentalist extreme ideologists, we can vax them! “Genetically alter their belief in Gpd…”, as a nutty professor says in the following video. Yes, “… the right drugs might have some effect on a person’s spirituality…”
All we have to do is decrease the God gene, Vmat2, in a population? It’s delightfully called the Fun Vax. Oh my God, is my thought.
“…. it would be quite useful to eliminate some of the religious nutters in the world, and may be a vaccine would be the way to do that…”, said another nutty scientist.

Another clip of this apparently psychopathic scientist proposing a vaccine to combat religious fundamentalist? Roll up, roll up! Let scientists re-wire your neuropathways! C’mon an’ get yer Fun Vax!

It’s is mind boggling that this stuff appears to be real. Why aspire to natural herd immunity when you can have synthetic herd immunity?

I once heard of a psychoanalyst symbolising human behaviour to a client using Russian dolls, the ones whereby a smaller fits inside a bigger one, and then referencing Sigmund Freud. Really? Is Sigmund Freud still used as a bastion of good psychoanalytical practice?

As the BBC R4 Extra TED Talk show continued, apparently the psychoanalyst’s answer is Grandmothers! No! You don’t say! Not family unit solutions to human health issues! Well, well, well, now there’s a turn up for the books. Currently, my team Arsenal still advertise Black Lives Matter in The Emirates Stadium and players still take the knee in support of an organisation that is anti-family unit, anti-Christian values and anti-capitalism. I do wonder what noises might erupt when football crowds return if footballers are still taking the knee.

With that, BBC R4 Extra TED Talks reference the tired old conventional view that an HIV virus causes AIDS. My understanding is that it does not and you can go to plenty of doctors to explore the issue from the late Kary Mullis to Thomas Cowan to the late David Crowe…

I have long been bemused at the concepts of bi-polar or ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A dear friend, no longer with us, once suggested to me that depression was an excuse for bad behaviour. I am tempted to conclude he was not wrong. Sure, I guess there are neuro pathways, but I also suggest we go looking for ailments, problems and invent labels and definitions, rather than understand life is an experience of mistakes and learning as well as achievements and gratitude. My explorations of quantum physics infer the observer affects the outcome and perhaps it does have an influence.

The BBC threw up another subject we can perhaps analyse till the proverbial cows come home and never come to a definitive answer. Luck.

This is a portrayal of nearby Kadıköy ferry port station, the Asian side of İstanbul. In English we refer to a busker. Falım is a chewing gum brand and refers to fortune or luck. The busker hopes for luck.

Luck: https://www.redbubble.com/studio/promote/56533641

BBC R4: Good Luck Professor Spiegelhalter
I made notes.
21.49 mins
Dice oracles, Pamphylia…. (I don’t hear Pamphylia referenced every day)
48.50 mins
A gambler comments on luck, “Intellectually I don’t believe in it. I behave as if I do…”
54 mins
A plan is in difficulty flying over Gatwick. A previous plane crash survivor tries to reassure the woman sat next to him, “What are the chances of someone being in two plane crashes?”
She replies, “Million to one against.”
He continues, “Don’t worry, I’ve been in one.”
It didn’t have the desired effect. She was convinced he was the cause of the first and about to be the cause of the next one…

As you can read, the sound of covid1984 has frequently included my radio. From listening to Bollox Johnson to Chris Twitty, Sir Patrick the UnValliant, Jonathan Van Damned Dam and the daily pandemic promotion teams of BBC R4 Today though to 5pm PM’s presenter Evan Davis, owner of dog Mr. Wippy, and onto fatboy Nolan in the evening. I realise ‘fatboy’ may be perceived as defamatory language, but he has talked of his weight issues, yet he is vocal in advocating the official remedies to our health challenges including chasing members of the public to quiz them about lack of face nappies. Stephen Nolan, paid £390K by the BBC, pushes vaccines over and above our natural immune systems and is featured here by Russia Today. Oh, the irony:
… and independent YouTuber Alex Belfield:

You have to laugh, rather than cry.

So to a BBC5Live episode of Stephen Fatboy Nolan. Read it and weep as a member of public calls in, trying to offer his best perspective and is ultimately shut down by a BBC presenter who accuses inaccuracies when he himself doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. This is the BBC:
1hr 28mins 20secs
BBC Stephen Nolan: Ben in Bristol. Hello Ben… this is on vaccines…

Ben: Perhaps you put me in the wrong box. I’ve taken every vaccine I’ve been offered. I wouldn’t classify myself as an anti-vaxxer. We should question what goes into our body. But, what I’m hearing on your show is terrifying; this is like George Orwell on steroids. The general gist of the media is yeah, it should be mandatory. Yeah, we should demonise those who don’t take it. Yeah, they should suffer a consequence. I’m not going to take that vaccine. Because firstly, I’m 45 years of age, I’m in the democratic where there’s a less than 0.1% chance of death from this covid. It’s absolutely senseless to me the taking of it. I would encourage anyone listening to this to preserve the freedom of our nation. The people phoning into your show tonight want all this and they want to force everyone to take this. There’s a country with plenty of available land called North Korea and I’m sure it would accommodate them all very nicely if they want to live like that, but I’m a free person made in the image of God and I’m not being cajoled into having anything being forced into my body that I don’t need, against my will. By the way, they are threatening everyone now, that if you don’t get it, you won’t be able to fly. There’ll be companies that’ll let you fly. You might have to take a test at the airport, £100 for a test and you’ll have to get there ½ hour early, I think it’s unfair, but I’ll do it. I don’t want to go to any restaurant that has a no jab no entry policy

BBC Stephen Nolan: Do you take any medicine? (Ben opened up by stating he’s taken every vax offered)

Ben: I’m just a regular guy. A headache, I take a paracetamol, if I’m sick I go to the doctor. You might be trying to cast me as someone a bit wacky, but I’m just a regular guy. Can you get your head around that there are people not being so moved by this media hysteria and just because Piers Morgan is telling everyone everyday you’ve got to take it… I’m a free thinker and so are you. You touch my heart when you talk about your weight and I get it… you’ve got to understand, I’m free.

BBC Stephen Nolan: Would you take any vaccines? (Is Stephen Nolan listening to his caller?)

Ben: I’ve taken several vaccines in my life, yeah. Stephen, you been so demonising of anti-vaxxers and anyone who won’t take this. You seemed surprised that I’m just a regular bloke who’s more concerned about his freedom right now than any disease which has a risk of killing 0.025 people in my age group. Do you not think we’ve got a little bit too hysterical about this? There must be people like me who will rise up and not take the vaccine…

BBC Stephen Nolan: I don’t have the statistics in front of me, but the statistics that you’re quoting, Ben, is that your real name? Because I think you’ve been on before…

Ben: Yes, I’m a real person. I’ve been on before, yeah.

BBC Stephen Nolan: The statistics that you’re quoting are what you believe to be about your mortality rate from covid, right? But, of course, the vaccine, what it might do because they don’t know for certain, but they tell us, there is emerging, growing evidence that the vaccine also prevents you as the person who’s taken the vaccine, from passing it on to someone else, so when you’re talking about your likelihood of death if you don’t take the vaccine, maybe you should also think about of your likelihood of passing it onto someone who might have a greater likelihood of death.

Ben: The media seems to have gone mad and dumb and deaf. Even a child could say this. If this vaccine is so great, and I obviously think it’s obviously very effective, then it doesn’t matter. If you’ve had the vaccine then I’m no risk to you at all. Surely, a child can tell you this Stephen.

BBC Stephen Nolan: No, it’s just not true.

Ben: Why not?

BBC Stephen Nolan: No vaccine works 100%, so there is an efficacy to the vaccine, that’s sitting around 70-80% so if two people coming together both have the vaccine, then obviously that is providing a greater protection than if one person has it and the other doesn’t, so it’s not child-like and a child couldn’t say because you’re not saying it and you’re an adult Ben and you don’t seem to get that.

Ben: It’s my right…

BBC Stephen Nolan: It’s not your right, it’s your right not to take it, but it’s not your right to talk nonsense. If two people have had the vaccine, that is obviously more effective than if one has and one hasn’t and they are both together, possibly passing it onto each other. Obviously, that’s the case Ben.

Ben: But, you’re talking about your potential, the worst thing that could happen with your logic is that about 10% of people who normally die of covid would still die of covid with a bit of the population still running around unvaccinated, that’s well within the margin of what we can allow and within the margin of risk, and also, many people who don’t the vaccine like me, I actually do look after my immune system, we don’t hear enough of eating raw fruit and veg, keeping a careful eye on my body, coming off sugar. I’ve not been sick for 5 years, well once, I’ve sick once in 5 years. So, I’m not someone who has a weak immune system. A strong immune system is stronger than any vaccine you can get.

BBC Stephen Nolan: No, no, sorry, sorry, stop! Stop! Again, that’s not factually proven. That’s just rolled off the top of your tongue and you have no evidence to back that up. A strong immune system is now stronger, fact you say, than a vaccine. Absolutely, categorically, no evidence to back that up. Let’s stop there.

Yep Stephen, let’s stop there. We wouldn’t want to further question the efficacy of vaccines, explore their adverse effects and certainly not contemplate anything as troublesome as the human immune system evolved over millennia and perhaps even designed by God. God? What would God or Darwinian evolution know about human design? As for the recent reports on blood clots following covid1984 vaccination, just stop right there because this is just plain conspiracy theory!

As I type, news comes through that the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, has died aged 61. This is the President that questioned the covid1984 test:

Magufuli Dead – Global Healh Mafia Eliminating Opposition?

Another coincidental conspiracy theory. May be it’s just a coincidence. There are also articles such as ‘Death Robs Tanzania Of 10 Prominent Persons In February’:

The sound of covid1984 is today silence from President John Magufuli. However, others are still speaking up and the sound of holocaust survivor Vera Sharav is such powerful testimony to my ears, it will dedicate my next post to it.

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