14 : The Covid +’ve Club

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I attended the 24 April London ‘freedom’ march or walk or protest; however you wish to describe it. This may have been my first protest. I am not inclined to join throngs of people, wave flags or shout slogans. However, these are unprecedented times, in my life time certainly. The slogan shouting was thankfully minimal. Most notable about last Saturday has been the lack of legacy media coverage. As if we did not already know, it clearly demonstrated that @BBCPM, @BBCr4today, the BBC et al, are not fit for purpose, otherwise they might have reported on this…

It is left to independents to report on real news:

The silence from BBC, ITV, and Sky News is deafening after 1 million people marched for your Freedom on April 24th

Was it a million? It seems unlikely, but it was enough to justify reporting on.

A fellow covid1984 sceptic called me in the following days and I described the weekend’s experience. He mentioned covid1984 passports may curtail his work since he tolerates having his temperature taken occasionally, but will not engage tests or the vax. He joked he might have to start-up a new venture, perhaps a Covid Dating Agency. Good idea, thought I, explaining that I was drafting a post about Covid Clubs whereby we create environments for those not scared of the ‘plague’, providing solace, company and a place to be for those not buying into the fear of covid1984. Though not keen on the words ‘dating’ or ‘agency’, a Covid Dating Club sounded positive, fun and proactive.

He also mentioned he would not date a girl who’s had the vax. I hadn’t thought of that, though I guess I’d be more likely attracted to a woman who is not of the vaxxer mind-set. There are suggestions that the vax will make people more susceptible to future disease and even being more likely to transmit disease. I wasn’t sure how I feel about dating ladies who have or have not been jabbed, though sadly, it could be an idea with foundation and substance.

I had already thought that perhaps we should commandeer, appropriate, own, take over and hijack the word covid; ‘weaponise’ or ‘de-weaponise’ it for positive connotation rather than just tolerate the on-going negative associations. I did wonder about The Covid1984 Club, but just The Covid Club rolls better off the tongue. How about using ‘positive’ as in The Covid +’ve Club? You know, accentuating the positive just to get up the nasal passages of Edwina Curry, Dr. Fauci, Lenny Henry and the covid1984 fear mongers who want to avoid the infected unvaccinated ostracised masses forced to congregate together with others of the great unwashed.

So where do we go? Create our own clubs and places to mix and meet? Prof. Dolores Cahill PhD seems to have already set a ball rolling with:



However, it will probably take much more and many more to simply come together and create a network of fear-free environments. Last Saturday I experienced just how many that potential might be. Perhaps hundreds of thousands running into millions.

A global, organised collection of state and private actors, are attempting to implement immunity passports for all. Rather than spend the rest of our lives worrying and acquiescing to this tyranny, and it is tyranny despite many blindly submitting to the so called solution to a so called deadly global pandemic, this leaves a gap in the market for those of us not living in fear of mixing, coming together and behaving normally. Rather than leave the word covid with negative connotations, we can re-weaponise it with positive, constructive intent. Covid Club events and organisations can be catalysts for those of us wishing to socialise and function without immunity passports, vaccinations, neurosis about civd1984 tests, track & trace or obsession to smother our hands in corporate chemical hand sanitisers. We can support Covid restaurants, Covid cafes, Covid bars, Covid shops, Covid cinemas, Covid airlines, Covid sports clubs, Covid hairdressers, Covid Bridge clubs, the list can be endless.

Here’s an example of a gold and silver metals trader thriving on a no mask, no vax policy

Gold & silver trader bans masks & vax & profits.

Coronavirus: Okanagan business bans people vaccinated against COVID-19 from entering

We’ve had Lenny Henry, Dolly Parton and even the Queen advising the public to get vaxxed. Since when did the Queen start advising the nation on mass medication programmes? Apparently, since the covid1984 experimental gene therapy injection was introduced to the public arena. If you think ‘experimental’ is an inaccurate description, listen to former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon who has worked within the vaccine business for 40 years:

Covid Clubs could offer an alternative to the ghastly dystopian nightmare such as materialising in Netanyahu’s Israel:
… except that video has been removed. This censorship is ridiculous. But, found a new one…
James Delingpole talks to Illana Rachel Daniel

I am sick and tired of hearing media talking heads refer to ‘loved ones’. Other terms irritate such as ‘to be honest with you’, used by not just politicians, but a whole variety of people. Are they all being otherwise dishonest most of the time? Neurolinguistic programming seems to be a modern day tool which can be used for both benefit and nefarious means.
I once met a young lady who apparently successfully used NLP to teach English language. In terms of covid1984, NLP is apparently used by The Behavioural Insights Team, ‘the original Nudge Unit’…


…. and Mindspace for ‘Influencing behaviour through public policy’…

Where the public remain ignorant, lazy and fail to attempt any homework into what the truth of this alleged pandemic really is, they leave themselves unwittingly vulnerable to being manipulated and socially engineered. I’ve heard even family and friends respond, ‘it’s just some one’s opinion’. Really? So, why do you take the opinions of Boris, Vallance and Whitty as exceptions to your rule? It still staggers me that Matt Handycock instructed the nation to stay at home and the nation did. I would not take health advice from this cretin for all the tea in China. He’s my MP and a twerp. He thinks the solution to human body health and well-being is a mobile app. Hippocrates, oaths and food as medicine do not seem to register in Matt’s world.

The covid1984 ‘health regime’ directs us toward there being the only solution to treating illness is vaccines and pharmaceutical product, yet despite the onslaught of allopathic conditioning, homeopathy and common sense is permeating the propaganda. Common sense encourages good hydration, good nutrition, plenty of sunshine, being around family and friends and having human contact. A silver lining of covid1984 is we are now seeing an enemy that has long been messing with us all.

Covid Injections ‘Tip of the Spear’ for Global Cities’ Militant Pursuit of Equity.
Global Mayoral System…

Covid Club members would automatically include podcaster and Catholic Tim Kelly
History of the world with Tim Kelly with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Psychological Warfare and Domestic Terror Black Ops:

I made some brief notes from this aforementioned podcast:
4½ billion years ago the earth & sun (an average star) formed
The first ½ billion years were abiotic (not associated with or derived from living organisms)
Single celled organisms came ½ billion years later
In the next 3½ billion years came simple single celled organisms, bacteria etc..
600 million years ago came the Cambrian explosion and many different forms of life in the fossil record
Since then there’s been about 30 million species
99.9% of those species have since been extinct
Other species took their place in each ecological niche
Humans arrived about 100-200,000 years ago
The shark has been around for about 400 million years
Average species lasts 1-10 million yeas

How accurate or out of date these notes are, I don’t know, but I thought interesting to ponder. Whether God or Darwin, has the human body been so poorly designed and evolved so inadequately, that we require vaccination from birth to death? I suggest no, but the human body does require nutritious food, energised water and clean air.

So, let’s support Covid+’ve Club affiliates. Build up a network of the like-minded who do not wish to live in fear of viruses and choose to go about our business freely. Go take a jump Herr Gruppenführer Handycock. We choose to live without your silly rules, regulations, injections or instruction on how we should be, and we will do thus so.

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