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Theresa May has no clue how to lead Brexit.
Corbyn has misread the grass roots swell for Brexit.

South East has had a series of earth quakes greater than Cuadrilla’s in Lancashire.
UCOG & Angus Energy claim they are not fracking, but merely: Acidizing
…. is used to either stimulate a well to improve flow or to remove damage. During matrix acidizing the acids dissolve the sediments and mud solids within the pores that are inhibiting the permeability of the rock. This process enlarges the natural pores of the reservoir which stimulates the flow of hydrocarbons.


Brockham Well Site

‘It sounded like my house was falling down’: residents react to latest Newdigate earthquake

2.4, 2.0 and now a 3.3 seismic event at Newdigate

Surrey residents report second earthquake in a week

BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES No studies showing safety of 5G: 7th Feb 2019


5G Smart Meter meeting….


If the EARTH hasn’t Moved For You Yet … It’s About To!


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