50 Days To Leave €U Hell

Bloke In His Car

The crass comments made by Donald Tusk!
Mark Steele hearing postponed.

Yeovil Western Corridor roadworks: Puzzled drivers hit with distracting ‘strobe effect’ from new street lights

Speak out, face consequences e.g.
A student’s death: did her university do enough to help Natasha Abrahart?

Tusk’s comments? Indeed, those who have represented Brexit have failed abysmally to remove us from the totalitarian €U state.
Aachen Treaty effectively a German-Franco bi-lateral agreement within the €U; first step toward a Franco-German empire
€U has destroyed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland….
Ireland currently paying €16.5 million per day just on interest on bail outs forced upon Irish government a decade ago….
Unemployment in Ireland 2007-2012 went from 4.2 – 14.6%
Ireland is a vassal state of €U and IMF

50 days till we leave €U hell….
€U needs UK damn sight more than the UK needs the €U

Jim Ratcliffe, Francis Egan both realised the seismic limits for fracking, now calling for increased limits…
Cuadrilla have triggered 56 seismic events, highest being 1.5 Richter scale

Dr. Ian ‘I lock people up for effective cancer cures’ Hudson MHRA CEO…..
Agency CEO to step down in September 2019


A Special Place In Hell …


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