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Lancashire morning sky sheen. Bill Gates, Harvard University talk about geo-engineering, yet try bringing it up with any UK MP…
Every day people on the corporatist pay-roll make decisions they know are fundamentally worng
Rather than confront, challenge or question…. it is yes sir! No sir! Three bags full sir!
Fear of being true-self.

e.g. David Noakes, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet went out on a limb….

Maurice Saatchi

Saatchi bill passes in Lords but faces opposition and time pressure in Commons

The ‘Saatchi Bill’: can a PR guru cure cancer?

If the Bill is passed, we will put patient safety at risk and we will no doubt have to return to amend the legislation subsequently. Let me quote from a letter forwarded to me by a constituent who had met a visitor to my constituency who managed to convince him utterly that this individual’s company had found a cure—a miraculous treatment—for cancer, but was being obstructed by a vast conspiracy in the medical community. In the letter, David Noakes, who describes himself as the chief executive of a biotechnology company, refers to a compound he calls GcMAF, which he describes as

“… a human protein, present in 5 billion healthy people, that removes a number of diseases, including terminal stage 4 cancer. It has no side effects.”

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act 2016

EU RED TAPE: Bureaucrats ban CBD hemp ‘superfood’ after Brussels CLAMPDOWN on ‘novel’ food

Too successful. Impacting on Big Pharma revenue streams!

We require MP’s of intellectual capability, capacity and tenacity to drive home a successful Brexit.

Cuba has thrived? Really Ian?!

12 March Westminster, David Noake’s ex partner GcMAF court hearing.





An Israeli Company Claims That They Will Have A Cure For Cancer In A Year. Don’t Believe Them.

Bristol University student suicides…
Bristol university suicides spark mental health alerts




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