Thank God The Climate Changes

Yes, the climate changes, always has and hopefully will continue to do so. But, it is not anthropological nor is carbon dioxide a threat. Quite the contrary, Co2 is a gas essential to the perpetuation of life on earth. I don’t know why Sir David Rottenborough continues to push the carbon cult and the desire for world population reduction, but it’s not a scientific fact; it is a political ideal.

Certainly, a little homework will produce endless documentation about who and why the anthropological climate change myth has been perpetrated. Humans are deemed a disease upon the earth and provide an excuse for control them to save the planet! Of course, climate deniers are on a par with holocaust deniers…. oh deary me.

I do not quite understand Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn perpetually banging on about climate change when his brother Piers was at the alternative climate change Paris conference.

Published on 9 Oct 2018
According to a new report from UN’s IPCC we only have 12 years to halt catastrophic global warming. Mainstream media warned of “climate hell” if we do not make “unprecedented changes” to stop global temperatures rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Henrik looks closer at the global temperature data set (HadCRUT4) that was used to produce the conclusions in this UN report. The only independent audit of HadCRUT4 has been made by PhD. John McLean and it shows incredible sloppiness and embarrassing amateurish methods that have been used to produce the data, making it extremely unreliable.

New IPCC Report: Catastrophic Global Warming, We Only Have 12 Years (Again!)

UPDATE – BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

UPDATE – BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

Main points:

The Hadley data is one of the most cited, most important databases for climate modeling, and thus for policies involving billions of dollars.

McLean found freakishly improbable data, and systematic adjustment errors , large gaps where there is no data, location errors, Fahrenheit temperatures reported as Celsius, and spelling errors.

Almost no quality control checks have been done: outliers that are obvious mistakes have not been corrected – one town in Columbia spent three months in 1978 at an average daily temperature of over 80 degrees C.  One town in Romania stepped out from summer in 1953 straight into a month of Spring at minus 46°C. These are supposedly “average” temperatures for a full month at a time. St Kitts, a Caribbean island, was recorded at 0°C for a whole month, and twice!

Temperatures for the entire Southern Hemisphere in 1850 and for the next three years are calculated from just one site in Indonesia and some random ships.
Sea surface temperatures represent 70% of the Earth’s surface, but some measurements come from ships which are logged at locations 100km inland. Others are in harbors which are hardly representative of the open ocean.

When a thermometer is relocated to a new site, the adjustment assumes that the old site was always built up and “heated” by concrete and buildings. In reality, the artificial warming probably crept in slowly. By correcting for buildings that likely didn’t exist in 1880, old records are artificially cooled. Adjustments for a few site changes can create a whole century of artificial warming trends.

IPCC achieves net zero credibility
The IPCC well knows that halving CO2 emissions in 12 years is politically impossible, economically unaffordable and climatically unnecessary….

IPCC achieves net zero credibility