The Elephant In The Room

Bloke In A Field

Western globalists want to detract attention from France.
CRS, French riot police…. €U combined police and military operations.
€U-UK military unification.
The MP’s do not address it. Their interests are not yours.
€U legislation continues to be driven onto UK statute books.
€U corporatist club
BBC effectively under a D-Notice re gilets jaunes.
Don’t look here! Look there! Venezuela!
Venezuela has estimated 10% more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. Potentially, Venezlela could hold OPEC to ransom…
President Maduro has tried to repatriate Venezuelan gold deposited at the Bank of England
UK and others acknowledge Juan Guaidó as interim president
Banking is a tool of global corporatists
Globalists want to hurt the UK…. send in artificial inflation to hit the wealth, savings, stored by the middle classes
Grow your own food!


Venezuela vs France = #WagTheDod


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