Smart Surveillance For All

Bloke In His Car

Hard copy mainstream media circulation dropping like a stone
The Sun + The Daily Flail today = < print run of The Sun 2010
Dementia Patients To be Tracked By Smart Meters?
Surveillance for all!
…. a pig’s head in a gas flame?

Venezuela? Russia and China to recognise Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK?!
John Bon Zolton continues to look for confrontation
Venezuela has 10% > oil reserves than Saudi Arabia
Smart motorways?
Globalist rantings of Jim Ratcliffe….
Increase in teenage suicide? Exposure to EMF?
Increased suicide among military personnel? Expose to microwave battlefield technology? 5G?

Nothing about France and gilets jaunes
€U in meltdown and 17.4 million Britains know it.
Link between AI and culling humanity to suit the globalist corporatist agenda?

Spread the word. Sow the seeds.


The ORWELLION UK News Industry = Massive Distraction


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The Elephant In The Room