Dear BBC Feedback Roger Bolton….

This was a note made some months ago…. contemplating writing to Roger Bolton at BBC Feedback.

Dear Roger,
I heard you talk about Steve Hewlett’s fight with cancer as chronicled with Eddie NightMair on BBC PM since September….
All your feedback callers are humbled and emotionally moved by the saga:
The BBC are credited as presenting an, “Amazing piece of journalism…”
The Eddie NightMair Interview:

Steve Hewlett: Radio 4 presenter dies at the age of 58:

I tweeted Steve Hewlett and the BBC to try Clive de Carle… though I may as well have Tweeted pigs are flying in the sky…
While your Feedback listeners congratulate you, I’ve been shouting at the radio…
“For goodness sake, try some other options!”

I might recommend Ty Bollinger:
I might recommend G. Edward Griffin:

I might recommend an entire movement exploring health issues….
David Noakes: Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam

I continue to be mind boggled that there is a law against unauthorised cures for cancer:
Doesn’t this tell you something everybody?!

Current online fave Jonathon Pie, regularly featured on, suggests the only way to fix the NHS is to vote out the Tories. What, so Labour can fix it Jonathan?

No Jonathan, you may be a current in-thing, but left-right makes no frigging difference. Health, cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD… is a multi £million business and until we address clean food, clean water, the effects of pharmaceutical product and perhaps, dare I suggest the power of thought, you are not going to solve the problem with a plaster over a gaping gash. But of course, I will be accused of insensitivity and lack of empathy with victims of cancer etc.

Mean while the BBC R4 chronicled Steve Hewlett’s battle with cancer, to the end. Oh Jesus, why didn’t he try the options available? I am not suggesting there are absolute solutions, but Steve Hewlett could have widened the possibilities for himself and the listening public.
Because… ah, what’s the point?! Writing to Roger Bolton would be a complete waste of time as would have been suggesting to BBC R4 Steve could explore the options.

They even had Steve’s children on to discuss the matter post death.

As a final thought: BBC Panorama celebrated Steve Hewlett’s debunking of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what a mess. What goes around comes around?

Why Are Cures Against the Law? Clive de Carle Live at Truthjuice 2016:

HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #37 : The Cancer Agenda: