The Carbon Cult Rocks On

‘Elon Musk smokes marijuana’ was the BBC headline. 8 million views and counting.

Joe Rogan says bitch, mutha f–ker and casually swears. He jokingly invites Musk to swear, but Musk declines. At one point Musk profoundly reminded us that love is the answer. It must irritate those managing the struggle well below the billionaire level to hear these grand masters of business and celebrity remind us that love is the answer. Oi Elon, I’ll trade you some love if you pay my bills this month!

I listened to this 2 hour plus chat and am tempted to conclude garbage. Elon Musk is a billionaire, so he must be intelligent to some extent, mustn’t he? Joe Rogan is perceived by many as the cool internet sensation who has interviewed all sorts including, and interesting for me, Graham Hancock and John Antony West; I’m interested in Göbeklitepe.

Musk is a carbon cultist. He promotes science, yet holds a belief system with apparent religious fervour. OK, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a scientist and a Christian and been criticised for it, so….. Musk promotes Newton, the earth as a lump of molten lava surrounded by a thin crust and appears to hold to the big bang theory of linear time. May be he’s right on some accounts, but I’m not convinced and anyone insisting upon anthropological climate change can go take a flying jump; it is a Maurice Strong UN political ideal, not done deal science, no matter how many times Nobel Peace Prize bomber Obama insists it is.

Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk

Shortly after I saw the Musk interview, came Paul McFarty on BBC R4 Today promoting his latest album and equating climate change deniers with holocaust deniers. McFarty insists footage of the WWII work camp Belsen is irrefutable proof of holocaust. I knew a 5 time survivor of WWII camps and he survived because he volunteered for the typhus block, but just suggesting such things now risks incarceration for thought crime in Germany. Try Ernst Zündel Paul! What if some one does question WWII history? Should their thoughts result in imprisonment? McFarty referenced Al Gore’s film as climatic proof. Oh Jesus H. Christ, the man can write a good tune, but don’t let this disciple of the carbon cult into politics or governance of the people.

Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part 1:

Paul McCartney on handling crowds, and why he calls Donald Trump “the mad captain”

Onto a UK parliamentary fracking debate.

Permitted Development and Fracking – 30min Parliamentary Debate

Minister of State, Claire Perry MP, refers to opponents of fracking as, “… a traveling circus of protesters.”
She mentions ‘the realities of climate change’ and offers figures which are correct unlike the figures of the opposition argument which of course are incorrect. She is yet another example of the appalling governance of my country; as far as I can observe, the carbon cult rocks on.

I welcomed President’s Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change. Apart from Trump’s disappointing Zionist inclinations, I observe an intelligent and astute man contrary to the views frequently expressed on the BBC accusing him of being unintelligent, irresponsible and chaotic. I even suspect Trump follows an intuition even he sometimes does not fully understand; intellect thinks while intuition just knows.

Climate change? Ask Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers…

Environmental policy
WeatherAction supports True-Green-Policies to defend biodiversity and wild-life and reduce chemical and particulate pollution and points out that CO2 is not a pollutant but the Gas-Of-Life (plant food).
Evidence based science
WeatherAction defends evidence-based science and policy making as the ONLY science. WeatherAction completely supports campaigns for GeoEthical accountability and CLEXIT – Exit from UN Climate Change Deals and against data fraud and political manipulation of data and so-called scientific claims now dominating climate and environmental sciences. Evidence shows that man-made climate change does not exist and the arguments for it are not based on science but on data fraud and a conspiracy theory of nature. (see “Why the CO2 ‘theory’ fails “, below)….

…. and so he continues on his website. I heard George Monbiottom of The Guardian on BBC R4 refer to Piers Corbyn as a ‘bad weatherman’, but then George does have an arse in his name.

Listen out how many times a media talking head spouts the words ‘climate change’ as if they hold the moral high ground while you should take note and heed their climatic warning. It’s called cultural Marxism in my book or Collectivism. It is not science, but political ideology. Beware, because there could be a point whereby climate denial could be made into an arrestable offense just as historical revision is today in countries such as Germany and Austria. Avoid the fear mongers and think for yourself. You never know, you might be right and they just could be wrong.



BBC Good. RT Bad. Call In Ofcom.

In recent years I have enjoyed more content on RT, formerly known as Russia Today, than I have the BBC. For me the BBC are a joke; a laugh; ironic entertainment; even in denial?

The other night, the BBC R4 news gave up a classic example of how out of touch they and our Westminster MP’s are.

It’s always Russia! At least it seems that way recently….
Illustration: Bollox Johnson, Gavin Defense Prefect Williamson and Gav’s pet tarantula…


I do not buy the UK government narrative on the Salisbury Novichuckle story. Of course I sympathise with the death of a British citizen, but will not play the game of kowtowing to the nonsensical story the government and the BBC are pushing. Where are the Skripals? What is the connection between Skripal, Steele and Pablo Miller? Has a D-Notice been issued on what the UK media can and cannot publish and broadcast? No, of course I do not know what happened, but the like of Bob Seely MP must be held to account for the allegations and assumptions he makes on our taxpayer funded national broadcasting platform. What is he after? WWIII?

A few words from Bob Seely MP talking about the RT interview by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan:
“…. pathetic. Laughable. RT equally pathetic in the way she handled the interview.
… expose methodically what the Kremlin are doing… we need to do this on a systematic basis…
… change the visa regime…
…. giving Ofcom greater powers… negative content of Russian broadcasters in this this country…. absurd and pitiful propaganda…”

So, Lyse Lies Dullcet Doucet is an example of high standard journalism is she Bob? My morning BBC R4 Today crew of John Bumhumphrys, Dick Dobbyson, Dustbin Plebb, Usher Meinsane and Harfa Gurney serve up so much tosh and nonsense each day it is more Monty Python than credible news dissemination.

What concerns me is the mention of OFCOM.

We are experiencing increasing censorship. Good job Hitler lost, eh Bob! After all, we wouldn’t want a Big Brother 1984 Ministry of Truth scenario, would we Bob?

Let information be. The truth will out if allowed to. Perhaps the truth scares you Bob?

Even if RT is a Russian state ‘weapon’, what is the BBC Bob? Objective journalism? My arse!



Dear BBC Feedback Roger Bolton….

This was a note made some months ago…. contemplating writing to Roger Bolton at BBC Feedback.

Dear Roger,
I heard you talk about Steve Hewlett’s fight with cancer as chronicled with Eddie NightMair on BBC PM since September….
All your feedback callers are humbled and emotionally moved by the saga:
The BBC are credited as presenting an, “Amazing piece of journalism…”
The Eddie NightMair Interview:

Steve Hewlett: Radio 4 presenter dies at the age of 58:

I tweeted Steve Hewlett and the BBC to try Clive de Carle… though I may as well have Tweeted pigs are flying in the sky…
While your Feedback listeners congratulate you, I’ve been shouting at the radio…
“For goodness sake, try some other options!”

I might recommend Ty Bollinger:
I might recommend G. Edward Griffin:

I might recommend an entire movement exploring health issues….
David Noakes: Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam

I continue to be mind boggled that there is a law against unauthorised cures for cancer:
Doesn’t this tell you something everybody?!

Current online fave Jonathon Pie, regularly featured on, suggests the only way to fix the NHS is to vote out the Tories. What, so Labour can fix it Jonathan?

No Jonathan, you may be a current in-thing, but left-right makes no frigging difference. Health, cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD… is a multi £million business and until we address clean food, clean water, the effects of pharmaceutical product and perhaps, dare I suggest the power of thought, you are not going to solve the problem with a plaster over a gaping gash. But of course, I will be accused of insensitivity and lack of empathy with victims of cancer etc.

Mean while the BBC R4 chronicled Steve Hewlett’s battle with cancer, to the end. Oh Jesus, why didn’t he try the options available? I am not suggesting there are absolute solutions, but Steve Hewlett could have widened the possibilities for himself and the listening public.
Because… ah, what’s the point?! Writing to Roger Bolton would be a complete waste of time as would have been suggesting to BBC R4 Steve could explore the options.

They even had Steve’s children on to discuss the matter post death.

As a final thought: BBC Panorama celebrated Steve Hewlett’s debunking of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what a mess. What goes around comes around?

Why Are Cures Against the Law? Clive de Carle Live at Truthjuice 2016:

HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #37 : The Cancer Agenda:




The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

Margaret Openheimen Hedgehog called Corbyn that ‘effing racist and anti-Semite’ within the parliamentary chamber. Is this not hate crime according to their own rules? U2 singer Nobo raised his arm and mocked Swedish Social Democratic leader Jimmie Åkesson in Sieg Heil fashion, inferring what? That Akesson does not like others because of their creed or colour?

“… the Swedish, tall, blonde, blue eyed, boring…”
“… my favourite… little Le Penn has changed the name of her party so people don’t know they don’t like Jews or blacks…”

Is this not defamation of character? Is this not hateful speech? Why is it OK for some to slur others, yet others grab their entitlement to feel offended by the most innocuous of MP’s in Westminster, namely Jeremy Corbyn. It is relentless. Yesterday in Manchester a ‘huge’ rally of hundreds against anti-Semitism gathered in Manchester and again Maggie Hedgehog had her cause covered on the BBC news. It comes as the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK is at its highest since records began in the 1980s. Really? According to whose survey? The ADL or some such organ?

I made a note having heard a BBC R4 programme whereby Polly Toynbee stated she wants to turn The Daily Mail into The Guardian and the audience applauded. The inference again is Polly has the moral high ground. Is that the same Guardian that openly supports the White Helmet extremists in Syria; the same Guardian that advocates ‘regime change’ in foreign nation states it deems unacceptable?

My imagination conjured up the notion of Nobo the leprechaun and Maggie the hedgehog coming together to pronounce the formation of a new Semolina Party…. how does an MP get to call Jeremy Corbyn ‘that ‘effing racist and anti-Semite’ in parliament and get away with it? Quite easily apparently.


Here the ‘awful extremist right-wing’ Breitbart reports upon Nobo’s Paris gig. No, I am not a Breitbart regular; the article came to my attention as many others do from a variety of platforms. I recommend you watch the Paris gig clip. I don’t care what Nobo says, but he and his like will care and lobby against others for any remark or gesture deemed unpalatable…

Brexit. Trump. Corbyn. Democracy’s great when ‘they’ secure the result they want, isn’t it Nick Clugg, London Mayor Sordik Khant, Lord Andrew Hardly An Adonis?

The dilemma becomes more complicated. There are voices who do raise the issues of immigration and globalism in a sensible and serious manner without reducing it to racism. I like Roseanne and Diamond & Silk, but they do pile on devotion to Israel which appears to be a state based upon racial divide. What is it with this Israel business?

Diamond and Silk “Chit Chat Live” | Guest, Roseanne Barr

Imagine Gilad Atzmon talking with these ladies on the Israel business. Perhaps even more interesting might be Alison Wier.

Who promised Palestine to Netanyahu’s secular Jews? Spot the contradiction with Gilad Atzmon

Alison Weir talks abut Palestine




Gadhafi Bodyguard Talks To Ryan Dawson

Gadaffi bodyguard talks to ANC



Gadhafi? Gadaffi? Gaddafi? I’ve always written it Gadhafi. The painting is from 2002; commissioned to commemorate a 30 years working relationship between Libya and a Turkish construction company building infrastructure such as aqueducts etc. Note the word construction, as opposed to the destruction ‘we’ along with Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, NATO et al inflicted upon Libya. What an absolute shame.

Ryan Dawson’s website is; Anti-Neo-Con Report. He offers interesting geo-political analysis and a sense of humour. He supports the Palestinians and is frequently censored by the social media platform giants e.g. he is frequently in BookFace jail and has had years of YouTube content removed.

Gadhafi 28/29 brought in by CIA, not Russian Socialist 1969
Libyan patriot
Huge water reserves beneath Libya
Red Cross had jihadists inside their vans
NATO bombed Libya 24/7…. Al Qaeda’s air force.
Unthinkable violent rape by jihadists upon Libyan women…. these atrocities reflect the Bolshevik violence of ‘white Russians’.
Libya is not an İslamic state, it is a Wahhabi shit hole.
Erdoğan is trying to create an Islamic state.
“I don’t wear a head scarf and smoke just to piss them off…. I always carry a gun and a knife…”
Clinton Obama Sarkozy the Qatari fat prince & Saudi brought the wrath to Libya
She knew Ambassador Stephens personally
Gadhafi may be dead, but the man they killed was not Gadhafi

…. Ryan interviews and listens. I listened, found it interesting and perhaps you might too.


Colonel Gadhafi
95cm x 140cm
istanbul 2002
NPP: 08068-16112002
Status: Private Collector



Poor Nazanin. Melanie Who?

While the BBC legacy media and government talking heads bemoan the incarceration of…
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has returned to Iran prison:
… Melanie Shaw has been in mostly solitary confinement in Gulag UK…

01205-02092018 : Poor Nazanin. Melanie Who?

UK Column Shop: Melanie Shaw Postcards:

Any UK citizen is our concern and their release from foreign incarceration must be investigated. But, who has Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe worked for? Reuters? The BBC? Why is it her husband is persistently on the BBC? Perhaps she is, he is, authentic and representing a genuinely sad situation, but why is Melanie Shaw in a UK jail? Where is her public spokes person? Where is Melanie’s Wikipedia entry?

From ‘good old reliable’ Wikipedia:
‘Zaghari-Ratcliffe used to work for the international charity the BBC World Service Trust (now called BBC Media Action)…’

Let’s look at BBC Media Action:
Transforming lives through media?
BBC Media Action is so arrogant and sure of itself that they even tell us what they are doing. Juliette Harkin, former BBC Media Action Project Manager and an expert on Syria states… “we [BBC Media Action] worked in 2004 with individuals within the [Syrian] ministry who wanted change and tried to get them to be the drivers of that. All media development work that has been done within Syria has, in my opinion, been predicated upon this idea that there can be change from within – you have an authoritarian regime and you find who the reformers are within that [regime] and work with them…”

Imagine, if we had an Iranian or Russian or Syrian or foreign national acting with this agenda within the UK. Would our government welcome and embrace them? Unlikely.

When will the BBC highlight Melanie Shaw’s case? I suspect no time soon.

Poor Nazanin. Melanie Who?



A Mother Son Conversation

Son: What do you think about Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic problem?
Mother: I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic.
Son: Would you vote for him?
Mother: Yes.
Son: When I see family members, young people, constantly with a mobile phone at hand, I am aware of possible microwave damage. Do you have a comment?
Mother: I tend to think they have their mobile phones too readily at hand. They are fine in their place, but probably grossly over used.
Son: Are you aware of the fertility dangers?
Mother: I have heard about it, but it hasn’t penetrated my brain to much of a degree because it doesn’t affect me I suppose.
Son: Have you ever heard of Barrie Trower?
Mother: No.
Son: Do you have any thoughts on 9/11?
Mother: Not very many. I know there is a theory that it (the official version of events) is not what is stated; things that are not publicly known about.
Son: On BBC R4, John Humphrys talked about Alex Jones and his pending court case regarding Sandy Hook. Do you know who Alex Jones is?
Mother: Alex Jones is the girl on the sofa on the One Show.
Son explains Alex Jones, Sandy Hook etc… : Have you heard of Sandy Hook?
Mother: No.
Son: Do you contemplate or have a comment on the so called chemtrail patterns in the sky?
Mother: I’m not very happy with them putting stuff in the sky
Son: You are assuming someone is putting stuff in the sky? Do you look up into the sky and think that looks a bit odd?
Mother: Yes. Particularly things in very straight lines.
Son: Do you have a concern about anthropological climate change?
Mother: I have a concern about things being put into the atmosphere, rather than climate change. Climate change is due to the movement of planets.
Son: So, do you think Sir David Attenborough and his colleagues can change the climate?
Mother: No.
Son: Do you worry about your carbon footprint?
Mother: No.
Son: Does 5G mean anything to you?
Mother: I’ve heard about it, but not a lot; bunches of people deciding what others think; control is what it’s about.
Son explains 5G, Agenda 21….
Son: I was born in 1963. Who killed JFK?
Mother: A chap called Oswald was accused. Who actually killed him could be a different matter.
Son: Are you aware there was a US congressional hearing to investigate and conclude it was likely a conspiracy involving more than one person?
Mother: Somewhere at the back of my mind I am.
Son: Any comment that you want to sign off with?
Mother: No… your question on Corbyn; he has the majority of people’s interest in mind and more of a peace maker than war monger. Not a killer.

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Sandy Hook families v Alex Jones: Defamation case explained:
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HUMANITY vs INSANITY #103 – 5G : A Threat to ALL LIFE?

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Michael Collins Piper on JFK:

JFK Assassination Records:

A Mother Son Conversation

Copyright: Ideas Are Shared. Not Owned.

Freedom Of Thought & Action
Intellectual Property Right To Become Redundant
The Battle Of Love Over Fear



The editor of Gresham’s School magazine contacted me to apologise for failing to credit me as the artist of the painting featured on the cover of the last Michaelmas 2010 issue. It led to this interview.

How does that make you feel and how does it reflect on the way images and other intellectual property are used in our culture?


I feel very happy my image has been used and see it as an opportunity to convey some thoughts on the subject of copyright and patent law.

In 1997 while walking though the Chinatown area of Kuala Lumpur I noted the extensive range of bootlegged merchandise on sale; from copies of films not then even in the cinema to T-shirts by Gucci, Christian Dior and Armani to Rolex replica watches. I concluded the day I see Ned Pamphilon Productions imagery on bootleg T-shirts on sale alongside other established brands, I’ll know I have a successful brand profile.

As an adolescent I saved pocket money to buy a single vinyl record. Today a child has endless songs available at the touch of a button while if you want to know how the guitar riff of a favourite song is played, simply find it being demonstrated on YouTube. Learning to play an instrument is suddenly so much easier since access to composed and recorded material is, near as damn it, instant.

As a DJ at London’s Soho Marquee Club, I was on the mailing list of just about any record company I decided upon and everyday the postman would deliver free records from which I selected tracks to play during my working nights as a DJ. One of the bands I grew up being aware of was Metallica. Their noise was never my cup of tea, yet I made it my business to follow and monitor the progress of up and coming and established artists, therefore, I knew Metallica had developed a grass roots support base and the death of their bass player during a coach crash even further galvanised a ground swell of support and dedication to the band. They are typical of a once unknown act attaining international success on the back of a grass roots foundation, largely composed of kids with limited financial resources, copying tapes and sharing the songs of their favourite group. In recent years the likes of Metallica, U2 and ex-Undertone Fergal Sharkey, now CEO of British Music Rights, have become forerunners in monitoring music sales revenue. They are today part of the corporate machinery which might be described as the antithesis of their founding grass roots support base.

Paul McCartney has made money from simple chord songs very reminiscent of Buddy Holly compositions; let alone all the artists that influenced Holly, many unknown and unrecognised and not benefiting financially as the McCartney and Holly estates after them. Listen to Neil Diamond’s Song Sung Blue and hear melodies from Mozart’s second movement, Andante, from Piano Concerto No.21 in C major. Eric Carmen’s All By Myself borrows heavily from the second movement, Adagio Sostenuto, of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Opus 18. Carmen believed the classical piece to be in the public domain when finding otherwise, after the record had been issued, had to come to an agreement with the Rachmaninoff estate.

Surely, if the public likes to hear it, let it be; shared, heard, enjoyed and enable further inspiration.

The issue of idea ownership and intellectual property right, affects our everyday life. For example, how many innovations within the health and energy industries are suppressed because of copyright and patent restrictions? I bet we might be shocked and even outraged if we knew the truth.

In 1903 banker J.P. Morgan was financing the Wardenclyffe Tower project, the brainchild of U.S. citizen and Serbian immigrant, scientist Nikola Tesla who was exploring new forms of energy generation. Apparently, Morgan’s reaction to Tesla’s results was, “Great technology, but where do I put the meter?”
Finance was withdrawn because Morgan foresaw Tesla’s ‘free’ energy concept as a threat to vested interests; presumably it was a source that could not be practically owned or financially controlled. Upon Tesla’s death in 1943, his collection of papers was impounded by the United States’ Alien Property Custodian office. The same year the US Supreme Court upheld Tesla’s patent number 645576 in a ruling that served as the basis for patented radio technology in the United States. Many of the papers were released in 1952 to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade while some remain behind closed doors. It has long been the case that inventors wishing to eat regularly must sooner or later become acquainted with the ordeals of the patent process; therefore, finance and ownership have long been priorities over the sharing of ideas and innovations. It is alleged, as with so many inventions, that much of Tesla’s technological concepts have been secretly removed from mainstream circulation for fear they might threaten the profit margins of established technologies. After all, if Tesla had created a source of free energy, where would that have left the fossil fuel industries? Take note, an alternative energy is likely here, in the hands of someone somewhere, and more liberating and efficient than wind, solar, geothermal or bio-fuel sources. In part, profit concerns and patent law are keeping alternative energy technology out of public reach.

I suppose when fire and the wheel were first created by humans, the secret to their creation was initially guarded by the owners of the knowledge who were in effect implementing a form of copyright and patent control. It would be lovely to think the world in 2011 is more civilised in the sharing of innovations beneficial to the general community. Unfortunately, it appears money, profit and power continue to be the priority.

The music industry, the news information industry, health and energy industry patents, copyright and intellectual property right must at some point face a revolution in concept and approach. Keeping ideas under wraps benefits only power and profit while neglecting the natural intelligent progress of civil society.

So how will artists, authors and composers generate income? I do not have an immediate solution, but recognise a paradigm shift appears inevitable. Income can be generated by selling the fruits of one’s labour; the original physical creation and commodity such as an original artwork. Money can also be charged for admission to live performance such as a theatre show or live musical performance. The practicalities are for society’s organisers to work out, but the theory is common sense: we must share ideas to best optimise general benefit in a civil an intelligent society. Intellectual property right is an artificial concept to be dumped and left behind in the wilderness of self interest.
I was approached by several parties to provide imagery for companies in Istanbul, but if an agreement could not be reached over cost and payment, the project did not happen. In recent months I have supplied imagery to Istanbul’s Beyoğlu Municipality for free and wished I had conducted such a policy from the start. If it costs me time and expertise in compiling, organising and managing the reproduction process, I charge for my time and ‘labour’, otherwise, if a 3rd party uses a Ned Pamphilon Production image, so be it. If my consultation and direct collaboration is sought, then a business arrangement can be agreed.

In 2010 I painted portraits of Gresham’s 6 spies, which brings me to consider MI5, MI6 and the secret service networks that operate throughout the world in a never ending suppression of ideas and information in the name of national security. I propose the suppression of information, knowledge and advancements in technology and even consciousness, merely adds to the promotion of fear and the identification of an enemy to justify a trade in war and weapons fuelling the promotion of fear over love and death over life.

The internet has been a recent catalyst for an information revolution whether through the sharing of music or Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. No matter how the authorities try to manage and control the internet, IT specialists, in theory, have the possibility of always formulating a by-pass to any control restriction. This is exciting to me. For others it will be a threat, hence as I write the US are seeking legal access to private details regarding Wikileaks’ supporters and members; the kind of state interference exerted by the 3rd Reich. Watch for the emerging description: Journalism 2.0. This term relates to the internet neutrality which sits at the forefront of freedom of speech and unveiling of government corruption and ineptitude. Cyberwar has already begun: the battle to control ideas.

I deem the crux of the copyright, patent law and intellectual property rights issue is fundamentally the battle of love over fear. I propose that the day must come when profit and fear no longer prohibit the sharing of ideas and creation. We must decide which we want – to live in a state of low vibrational fear or choose high vibrational love. At this point many readers may well roll their eyes and laugh at me. Laugh away for you will produce endorphins which will be to your well being and I cannot begrudge you that.

All those companies sitting on health, medical, energy innovations better make hay with their royalty payments while they still can. My feeling is the free supply of my imagery will be a healthy path to take in the long term. Original physical creations and labour can be bought and sold while ideas cannot be ultimately owned.

Gresham’s has a history of publications and pupils with controversial and radical viewpoints so my little tuppence hapenny worth is probably neither here nor there. On the other hand, such ideas may threaten to turn the established status quo upside down and since even ‘radical’ Gresham’s is part of the establishment, it would at least demonstrate a commitment to freedom of speech should this article appear in the Gresham’s Magazine.

Ned Pamphilon


Gresham’s Six

Bernard Floud


Cedric Belfrage


David Doyle


Donald Maclean


James Klugman


Peter Floud